Friday, June 12, 2015

The Falconer's Daughter: Book I by Liz Lyles Review


Know your daughters.

When young Lady Anne Macleod runs off with her true love, the handsome young falconer, Kirk Buchanan, she inadvertently sets off a chain of events that turns her young daughter, Cordaella, into a pawn between wealthy lords locked in a game of power, wealth, and greed.

At age nine, Cordaella is forcibly taken from her Highland home, and given to her uncle. Once there, Codaella learns the truth. She is the heiress to the Macleod fortune, to the dismay of many of her family members.

Thrust into an uncomfortable new life in England with her uncle, the Earl of Derby, she is unaware that she’s being groomed for a marriage to a Castilian duke who cares nothing for her and everything for her dowry…

Will Cordaella continue to act as a pawn in her family’s games or will she seize her own destiny?

My Review:

An intriguing tale of a young girl who loses everything she has known and is forced into a new life.

Cordaella Buchanan didn't know any other life than one of she had. Raised by her father, they didn't have much.  Her father worked hard so they could survive until the day he was murdered.

After her father’s death, Cordaella is forced to leave her Highland home and taken to England to live with an uncle and his family. She didn't know any of them. She was taught many things including how to be a proper lady. She also learns she is the heir to a large fortune. Because of her inheritance, she is prepped for marriage where everyone has something to gain except for Cordaella

When Cordaella overhears conversation between her uncle and a peasant the truth comes out about her father’s death. How will Cordelia handle this?  Revenge is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is a very interesting story. I was hooked right away. I'm ready to read the next book now.

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