Monday, November 30, 2020

Review: A Heartfelt Christmas Promise by Nancy Naigle


Vanessa Larkin was supposed to be spending Christmas in Paris, France on a business trip she hoped to enjoy as a working vacation. Instead, she’s been assigned to Fraser Hills, North Carolina―home of the Best Fruitcake in the USA―to convert her company’s property into warehouse space and shut down Porter’s, the fruitcake factory. Offering retirement packages and selling locals on new job opportunities may not spread holiday cheer, but Vanessa believes she’s helping secure the town’s future.

Mike Marshall’s family founded Porter’s. For decades, the factory served as the lifeblood of the community until his grandfather sold the business to a Chicago corporation. The sale cost the town its independence―and the Marshalls their family ties. A horse farmer, Mike was never involved with his grandfather’s company, but still felt Fraser Hills lost part of its identity. And as a widower raising a teenage daughter, he’s suffered enough losses in one lifetime. News of the factory’s closing means losing another piece of the town’s legacy.

Far from the skyscrapers and rapid pace of the city, Vanessa finds herself enjoying the easygoing rhythms of rural living. With Mike as her guide, she learns to appreciate the simple pleasures found in shared holiday festivities among friends. Fraser Hills is a town she is growing to love―and Mike is someone she is falling in love with. Now all Vanessa needs is a Christmas miracle to give her newfound friends and home a gift they’ll cherish for many New Years to come.
My Review:
A sweet Christmas romance. 

It was the worst time to shut down a business, but it’s what Vanessa had to do.  She was sent to Fraser Hills, North Carolina to shut down Porter’s Fruitcake factory.  When Vanessa gets there, she starts to fall in love with the town and its people, including Mike, who has his own ties to Porter’s.  Now, Vanessa has to figure out how to satisfy her boss and remain in favor to her new friends in Frasier Hills. 

This story totally swept me away.  The descriptions of the town were so detailed, I could easily visualize them.  I became attached to the characters as well and couldn’t wait to see how Vanessa would keep everyone happy in the end.  This book would make a wonderful holiday movie with its strong family ties and heartfelt storyline. 


Thank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Review: Texas Christmas Baby (Corbyn Sisters of Last Stand #2) by Katherine Garbera


They have more than one surprise in store this Christmas Eve...

Zara Mitchell is about to be a single mother. After finding out her baby’s father lied about everything, she’s decidedly on her own. But when her car breaks down outside Last Stand, Texas, she’s rescued by the most beautiful man she’s laid eyes on. He’s her knight in shining armor, and Zara is starting to believe in fairy tales.

J.T. Williams has a charmed life, or so he thought until his parents’ marriage deteriorated and exposed a half-sister, Amelia, in Last Stand. Intent to make up for his father’s shortcomings, he sets out to meet her but is derailed when he comes across a pregnant beauty stranded outside of town. And when he learns that Zara and Amelia are best friends, he impulsively decides to hide his identity to get to know both women without added pressure.

As Christmas nears, J.T. and Zara find themselves giving in to their feelings. But J.T.’s well-intentioned lie might cost him everything.


My Review:

A Christmas Miracle

When Zara Mitchell moved to Last Stand, Texas, to start a new life and raise her baby, she didn’t plan on meeting a man.  She was done with their lies and deceit.  But, when JT Williams came into her life, everything changed.  Zara could suddenly see a future with JT.   

JT recently found out he had a half-sister.  So, he skipped out on Christmas with his family and headed to Texas.  He wanted to keep his identity a secret from everyone.  Being the son of a famous country singer was going to be hard.  But when he met Zara, he seemed to want to share everything with her.  It was hard to tell Zara the truth when his sister was Zara’s best friend.  Zara hated secrets and this one could ruin their newly found relationship.  

This is one of those books that is filled with holiday magic.  From Zara being rescued on the side of the road by a man she referred to as an angel, to the family bonds and traditions, to new love and a baby.  This book was filled with feel good moments. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Review: A Convenient Christmas Proposal (The Shannon Sisters #2) by C.J. Carmichael


She’s the Christmas light in a world that seems so dark...

When Patrol Officer Kelly Shannon answers a suspected DUI call that results in the suspect’s death, she has to deliver the grim news to his young family, including his brother—her friend and crush, Mick. Kelly convinces herself that she’s only making amends when Mick begs for help looking out for his niece and nephew as his sister-in-law grieves and neglects her young children. But as Christmas approaches, Kelly admits the truth. She’s falling in love.

Journalist Mick Mizzoni spent his life trying to keep his younger brother out of trouble. When he gains temporary guardianship over his niece and nephew, he crosses the professional line he drew years ago and turns to Kelly Shannon for help. As she embraces him and his new family, she gives him hope that this Christmas could be different.

With their happiness hanging by a thread, Kelly hopes for a Christmas miracle, but Mick, who’s not as jaded as he thought, wants so much more.


My Review:

Heartfelt and moving

Kelly Shannon and Mick Mizzoni team up to save Mick’s brother Danny’s children after he dies in a car accident.  Danny’s wife is on an alcohol and drug binge and is neglecting the kids.  Mick wants to bring the kids into his own home and raise them, but he needs Kelly’s help being as is a police officer.  For Kelly, this is perfect because she has had a crush on Mick for a long time.  It takes a Christmas miracle and the help of two little kids for Kelly and Mick to finally come together.

I was drawn into this story right away.  I went through a wide range of emotions as I was reading, especially for the children.  They just deserved a better life and Mick was such a wonderfully devoted uncle and deserved custody of them.  Kelly’s part of the story was also very touching.  I felt bad for the grief and guilt she felt over Danny’s death and how she wanted the best for the children too.  If you’re looking for a Christmas romance with a little more to the story, grab this book.  It is part of a series, but it can definitely be read on its own.