Friday, August 27, 2021

Review: The Fake Engagement Favor (The Texas Tremaines Book 2) by Charlene Sands

Can a country music superstar save his career

by pretending to be in love?

Rocked by scandal, country crooner Gage Tremaine’s career is over if he doesn’t clean up his act. An engagement to straitlaced Gianna Marino could do the PR trick. Even though Gage and Gianna had a fractious relationship growing up, their families go way back, so Gianna agrees. She’s not his type, so Gage considers her a safe choice. That’s his first mistake. Because when the bookish professor undergoes a makeover, all bets are off! 


My Review:

It was all a charade; until it wasn’t.

After some bad press, country star, Gage Tremaine needed a fake fiancĂ© to boost his popularity again.  Professor Gianna Marino was the only one dependable enough to fill the role and keep Gage’s secret.  She wasn’t happy about lying, but she would do anything for the Tremaine family, who was like a second family to her.  As Gianna plays the role of her lifetime, she starts to have feelings for Gage, but she fights it.  She doesn’t trust him with her heart.  But when Gage falls for Gianna, he has to work hard to convince her that he will never break her heart.

This is a fun opposites attract story.  Both, Gage and Gianna seemed to be set in their ways and it was fun to see them meet half way and finally fall in love.  This book had everything I was looking for in a romance book.   

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Review: The Millionaire's Marriage Proposal (The Greek Island Millionaires Book 3) by Joanne Walsh

Can they forgive their past to find a future together?

Sally Campbell fled her troubled home in England for the idyllic Greek seaside village of Agia Kalamaros years ago, but her freedom and happiness were short-lived. Her impulsive marriage was a disaster, yet Sally refused to admit her mistake. When her husband unexpectedly dies, she struggles to keep his secrets hidden and family business afloat as his debts pile up. She’s about to lose everything, when the one man she’s always loved offers help. Can she accept when he’s already broken her heart once?

Dimitri Bekatoros threw his passions into building a million-Euro farming empire. He longs to marry and build a family, except he’s still in love with the one woman who got away. Now that Sally is single again, does he dare try his luck? Dimitri is used to fighting the odds to get what he wants, but he’s never had to battle a ghost before. How can he show Sally that life is meant to be lived…with him?


My Review:

Their reunion was long overdue.

Years ago, Sally and Dimitri dated and should have been married back then.  But when Sally caught Dimitri in the arms of another woman, she fled without waiting for an explanation.  She started dating, and eventually married, Dimitri’s best friend Manos.  Their marriage was in name only.  Sally never loved Manos and when he died, he left Sally with a mountain of debt.  When Sally’s store floods, and she considers selling and moving back to England, Dimitri is right there to help.  Dimitri hopes Sally will give him a second chance.  He has his work cut out for him if he wants to get Sally back.  He has to prove he his love and devotion to her.

I have been waiting for another addition to the Greek Island Millionaires series and was so glad to find out this book was being released.  The story drew me in right away and it was easy to visualize all the pretty Greek scenery.  Throughout the series, there has been a mystery and this book concluded it. Hopefully it doesn’t mean the end for the series.  Even though this book is part of a series, it can be read on its own. 


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Review: Dowdle Folk Art Jigsaw Puzzles


    Just a small part of my Dowdle collection


A pandemic hobby turned obsession.

My husband and I started doing jigsaw puzzles to pass time when the pandemic started and we continue doing them every weekend.  I post pictures on Facebook showing the puzzles we have done each weekend.  I get a lot of questions from people asking which puzzles are our favorite.  Hands down, Dowdle puzzles are our favorite.  Of course, we love Eric Dowdle's beautiful art, but another great feature of these puzzles is, no missing pieces.  They even state that on their websites and we found it to be true.  And, we have done a lot of their puzzles.  We also like that they take the time to package them in a nice box along with a ziplock baggie to store the puzzle in after it's been completed.  There is a poster inside the box and the Cityscape puzzles have pinpoints of points of interest to teach you about each city.  

Link to purchase Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles

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Just some fun pics from my photo shoot, because cats and puzzles........

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Review: The Bronc Rider Takes a Fall (The Tremaynes of Texas, #3) by Debra Holt


He’s about to take the toughest ride of his life. Will it end in the hardest fall?

Trey Tremayne, world champion bronc rider, is on track to win another championship title when an injury sidelines him. Healing privately at a friend’s cabin and determined to qualify for the finals, Trey is pleased when a beautiful woman literally falls into his arms at the local general store. Maybe a little flirtation will distract him from his troubles, but Laurie is anything but short-term or casual, and Trey immediately realizes he’s out of his depth.

School teacher and single mom Laurie Wilkes has her feet planted firmly on the ground. She will not be swayed by a handsome, sexy bull rider who has given her son a serious case of hero worship and makes her feel fully alive for the first time in years. He’s temporary and definitely not a man to take seriously—but her feelings aren’t casual.

She isn’t his type, and he's certainly not hers. So why do they feel like a perfect match?


My Review:

This cowboy will do anything to win the girl.

Champion bronc rider, Trey Tremayne has a reputation with the women.  But when he is reacquainted with an old schoolmate, Laurie Wilkes, he starts falling for her.  The only problem is Laurie is overprotective of her heart and her son.  There is no way she will get involved with a “Rodeo Romeo”, even if her heart is starting to have a mind of its own. 

This book is a great addition to the Tremaynes of Texas series.   I enjoyed seeing how Trey tried to convince Laurie that even though he had a reputation, he wasn’t like that anymore.  When Laurie finally fell, she fell hard.  But not everything is hearts and flowers.  There were some major bumps along the way in their relationship and in Laurie’s life.