Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Review: Iron Wolf's Bride (Wild West 2) by Karen Kay


I will return to you, my love…

Jane Glenforest's father believed she was too young to marry, so he’d stolen her and her newborn son away from the handsome Assiniboine Indian she’d wed and taken her to Surrey, England. In spite of divorce papers and rumors he’s wed another, Jane’s never forgotten the man who’d stolen her heart and given her son legitimacy. When Buffalo Bill's Wild West show comes to England—bringing her ex-husband with it—Jane’s curious to see her lost love, in spite of her new fiancĂ©.

Although Iron Wolf's purpose in working for Bill Cody's Wild West show is to fulfill his father's vision to find and stop a deceiver, he fell in love with and married Jane Glenforest. But, no sooner had Jane given birth than her father stole her away. Now, a few years later, Iron Wolf is arriving in England with the hope of rekindling the love he once shared with Jane. However, instead of love, he finds his wife loathes him, believing he has married another. And, when he discovers she is engaged to another man, he declares war on both her and the fiancé.

But when their son is kidnapped, Jane and Iron Wolf must work together to rescue him. And, as danger escalates, they discover trusting each other might be the only way to save their son. Will Jane and Iron Wolf learn to forgive one another, to reignite the embers of a passion that never died, or will the lies of a deceiver destroy their love forever?

My Review:

An exciting and entertaining story.

Two and a half years after Jane and Iron Wolf are forcibly separated, they are reunited in England when Bill Cody's Wild West Show is in town.  But the reunion isn’t exactly how Iron Wolf hoped it would to be.  He discovers Jane is engaged to be married.  Within days, Jane and Iron Wolf’s son, Jeremy, is kidnapped and it’s a race against time to find and rescue him.  In the process, Jane lets down her guard and she starts to trust Iron Wolf again and falls back in love with him. 

I was instantly hooked on this book.  I couldn’t wait to see how Jane and Iron Wolf would get Jeremy back and come together as a family.  There were a lot of surprises in this book.  It was hard to know who was a good person and who was not.  I also learned a lot about Native American culture while reading this story.  This book is part of a series and I would definitely recommend reading them in order.  

Review: A Hometown Proposal (The Shannon Sisters #3) by C.J. Carmichael

 She’s looking for a second chance to reconnect with her daughter but finds so much more.

Since her husband’s climbing death a year ago, Maureen Shannon’s relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter has spiraled out of control. Desperate, she resigns from her partnership at a legal firm and moves back to her hometown in Whitefish, Montana, with the hope that family and nature can heal their wounds. Her investment in a heli-skiing and lodge operation makes financial sense, but her attraction to the owner doesn’t. He’s everything she’s come to hate—a man who makes his living chasing adventure.

Jake Hartman knows Maureen Shannon is off limits. She’s an investor in his company—a silent investor who's never silent. Worse, she’s a mom who’s beautiful, intelligent and makes him feel more alive than he’s ever known. A self-confirmed bachelor, he finds himself uneasily contemplating a very different partnership.

But will Maureen be able to let go of her past and build a future with a man who never imagined becoming a husband or a father?


My Review:

Romance, a mystery and a new beginning.

Widowed attorney, Maureen Shannon has decided to start her life again after losing her husband to a tragic accident.  Moving back to Whitefish, Montana, where her sisters live is the first step.  Becoming a silent partner with Jake Hartman’s Grizzly Peaks, a heli-skiing business and lodge, was the last thing she thought she would do.  But she did and now they have become close.  Maureen even lets her guard down starts a new relationship with Jake.  But with a moody teenage daughter who might feel like Maureen is replacing her father, Maureen may need to rethink her plans.  

This is the third book in the Shannon Sisters series and one that was hard to put down.  I enjoyed Maureen’s story and catching up with the other sisters.  There is a mystery that runs throughout the series and it was fun to see how it wrapped up and who solved it.  I would recommend reading this series in order. 


Monday, January 25, 2021

Review: Operation Valentine (Hazel Oaks Resort, #1) by Sarah Fischer and Kelsey McKnight


She’s determined to play Cupid, but will her arrow go astray?

Nat Keller has worked at upstate New York’s Hazel Oaks Resort her entire adult life, dedicating herself to the lakeside lodge she considers home. After moving constantly as a child, planting roots and showcasing her organizational skills as the resort’s Head Concierge is her dream job. When she’s tasked with helping a married couple rekindle their romance, she’s excited to prove herself until she learns she'll be working with a partner.

Lead Adventure Coordinator Hudson Dougal has never stayed in one place for long. He’s worked at Hazel Oaks for nearly a year and is contemplating his next big move when he’s asked to work with the only woman who seems to be immune to his charm. Always up for a challenge, Hudson accepts.

Soon, Nat and Hudson are igniting more than just a stale marriage. But just as Hudson wonders if roots have a purpose, he receives another opportunity. Will love be enough of an adventure to convince him to stay?


My Review:

A sweet co-worker romance.

While trying to mend the marriage of their boss’s friends, Hazel Oaks Resort concierge, Natalie Keeler, and adventure coordinator, Hudson Dougal, find themselves falling in love. 

This was such a fun book to read.  To Hudson, Nat appeared to be a buttoned up, almost snobbish, co-worker and to Nat, Hudson seemed too much of a goof off.  But when they worked together, they realized neither was as bad as they first assumed.  While they worked together, planning and hosting events for the Kents, which they dubbed “Operation Valentine”, they decided to give dating a try.  It was fun to see them let down their guard and fall in love.  I really enjoyed this sweet story.