Monday, March 30, 2015

Driftwood Cowboy Review

Synopsis Courtesy of Amazon:

Can she heal from a tragedy too great to bear?
When Michelle Lancaster flees her hometown of Spirit, Louisiana to spend time at a beach retreat in Driftwood Bay, Florida, she only wants to run from the tremendous pain of a tragedy that caused her perfect life to shatter into pieces.

But on the day when the memories become too much, a man steps into her path on the beach and causes her beloved horse Coco to almost throw her. Not to mention this is the one man Michelle has tried to avoid. But laid-back boat captain and artist Brodie Stevens has his eye on Michelle and soon, he is pursuing her with a strong-willed determination. He too is haunted, but believes that together they can heal each other. Now the driftwood cowboy must convince Michelle it’s possible to hope… and to love again.

My Review:

An emotional tale about moving forward in life. 

It happened in the blink of an eye.  The life Michelle Lancaster knew was gone before she knew it.  A tragic event that happened a year ago has her leaving Louisiana for the solitude of Driftwood Bay, Florida.  Hopefully she can forget and try to move forward.  What she didn’t expect was to meet the handsome local artist who wants to be more than friends. 

Brodie Stevens lives a simple life.  He charters deep sea fishing expeditions and creates art from driftwood he finds along the beach.  He can have any woman he wants.  But when he sees a beautiful lady riding along the beach on her horse, he needs to know who she is.  He needs to know more about her and the reason for the tears in her eyes that she tried to hide.  He will do anything to get to know her.      

Will Michelle be able to move forward and open up about what causes her grief and fears?  Is Brodie patient enough to wait for Michelle to let him in her life?

I loved everything about this book.  The characters, the story, the location all worked perfectly together. 

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anticipation (Brothers Ink Book 2) by Sarah Mayberry Review

Synopsis Courtesy of Amazon:

The eagerly awaited next instalment in New York Times bestseller Sarah Mayberry's Brothers Ink Series!
Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one. And Eddie Oliveira—charm and sex personified—was born to play. She never wanted him to say goodbye, so for the last ten years she’s ignored the sizzling attraction between them and focused on being the best sidekick a guy could have. Smart girl, right?

Then Blue has a serious accident, and overnight Eddie changes. Suddenly he’s more intense and singularly devoted…to her. With all this sexy attention, it’s hard to stay within the boundaries she’s scrupulously drawn. The temptation, the anticipation builds and, finally, she has to have what he’s offering. Of course Eddie proves to be brilliant. Now, she worries he’s ruined her forever, as well as the friendship that is so important to her.... 

My Review:

An amazing story not to be missed.

Ten years is a long time to be secretly in love with someone.  Blue Sullivan knew she could never have Eddie Oliveira’s love.  She had seen him date and break the hearts of many women over the years.  One could never hold his interest for very long.  She refused to be one of those broken hearted girls.  Staying friends was the only way to be.

Blue lost her parents at a very young age and has vowed never to show emotions or let anyone close enough to hurt her again.  For this reason, she never had any real relationships with men.  She preferred one night stands or friends with benefits. 

After a terrible accident leaves Blue in the hospital, Eddie’s concern starts showing.  Everyone could see it.  He wanted her and not just as a friend anymore.  How far will Eddie go to prove to Blue he can and will love her forever?  Will Blue finally be able to move forward from her past to find true love and happiness? 

I really enjoyed this book.  The writing, the characters, their backgrounds, everything was so well written that it hooked me right from the start. 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

One Night with Her Bachelor (Bachelor Auction Book 6) by Kat Latham

Synopsis Courtesy of Amazon:

 Bid on a date with this wounded warrior for an unforgettable night of adventure. Aim high—and bid higher!—because no one comes close to local hero Gabriel Morales.
Molly Dekker hates being the town charity case, but when her son Josh is seriously injured she has no choice. She lets her best friend organize a bachelor auction to help pay her massive bills and make Josh’s life more comfortable. She can’t bid on any of the men, but a surprise bidder gives her a gift she never expected: a date with the man who saved her son’s life—the only one she’s in danger of losing her heart to.

Former Air Force pararescueman Gabriel Morales made a career of flying to the rescue, until a tragic helicopter crash stole more than his livelihood. Being auctioned off like a slab of beef isn’t in his recovery plan. But one look, one touch and one night unlocking Molly’s pent-up passion make him realize how badly he needs to be rescued…and how badly he wants to rescue Molly right back.

Will Molly and Gabriel’s never-quit attitude have them rushing head-first into love? Or will Gabriel’s secret pain stall their relationship before it can get off the ground? 

My Review:

A wonderful story full of emotion and characters you will love.  

Molly Dekker’s ten year old son Josh suffered a bad injury when he wondered off with a friend during a scout group camping trip.  Josh, fell into a hole at an old mine and was severely injured.  Forced to live the rest of his life in a wheel chair has placed a financial burden on Molly.  She doesn’t like being the town charity case.  But she has no choice when her friend comes up with the plan of a bachelor auction and all money going to help Molly and Josh.

Gabriel Morales doesn’t really want to be part of the bachelor auction.  But he agrees to do it when he hears it’s for Molly and Josh.  Gabriel has known Molly all his life.  He was best friends with Molly’s brother Scott.   

In a strange turn of events, Gabriel is bought by Josh for his mom with his entire savings of $27.32.  He doesn’t like seeing his mom sad.  He wants her to go out and have some fun.  

One night of passion doesn’t go as planned.  How will Molly be able to get Gabriel to trust her again?  Will Gabriel ever be able to move past what is holding him back or will this story remain, just one night with the bachelor?  

This was my favorite book of the bachelor series and it’s one that you don’t want to miss if you have read any of the other books.   

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Can't Turn Away (The Marshalls of Fortune County Book 1) by Chris McFarland

Synopsis Courtesy of Amazon

John Marshall has spent the last three years of his life traveling the world. When he discovers Founders, a small coastal town cut off from the rest of the world by the very geography that makes it beautiful, he thinks he has finally found the one place where he can rest, and where his past will never catch up to him. That is until a local rancher’s daughter with a familiar name and a spit-fire attitude wanders into his warehouse and sets his world spinning.
Everyone knows what Delores “Della” Whitely should do with her future. With a brilliant head for numbers and the voice of an angel, Della could write her own career ticket. The only problem is that she is tired of everyone else deciding what is best for her. Taking a stand she accepts a date with the all too tempting new guy in town. Suddenly her dreams start to take shape before her eyes, but all too soon a terrifying reality sets in. Is the secret he is hiding putting her happy ending - and her life - at risk? 

My Review

An engaging story that hooks you from the very first page.

The history between Della and John Marshall wasn’t always perfect.  When they first met, John was on the run from his past.  Wanting to start fresh, he moved to a new town where no one knew him.  This is where he met Della Whitely, the daughter of one of his customers at the feed store where he worked.  After that first meeting, he knew she was special and knew he wanted her.

Della was a shy girl who had a controlling boyfriend.   Grant was creating the dreams for her.  He wanted her to go to college and control other areas of her life as well.  All Della wanted to do was to help out at her family farm.  She would think about the future later on.

As they begin to fall in love, the jealousy from Grant starts to get out of hand.  Add to that mix, some bad guys from John’s past arrive in town seeking revenge.  Will the news of John’s past scare Della away or does it draw them even closer? 

This book was a roller coaster of a ride.  It was very hard to put down.  Romance and suspense readers will really enjoy it.  I highly recommend it. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cupid and Diana by Christina Bartolomeo Review

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:

Diana Campanella is the owner of a vintage clothing store in Washington, D.C., teetering on the brink of disaster. She and her blue-blood lawyer fiance still have not set a date for their wedding. And it's becoming more difficult than ever for Diana to keep the peace in her big, unruly Catholic family.
But just when all hope seems lost, Diana meets a rumpled New Yorker named Harry, who casts a new light on her life and its possibilities. Now all she has to do is decide whether Harry's warmth and great sense of humor is a better bet than the familiar security her fiance has to offer.

My Review:

This wonderful story really makes you feel you personally know the characters.  It is well written and entertaining. 

Diana, a vintage clothing store owner, is torn between two men.  Philip is the safe choice and he wants to marry her.  But Diana feels she really doesn’t fit in his world.  Harry is the man she has lots of fun with, but he is married and only in town temporarily.  Though his marriage has no passion, he still feels committed to his wife.  Diana falls in love with him anyway.       

I also enjoyed the sisterly bond between Diana and Cynthia.  Even though they do not agree on everything, Diana respects her sister and her advice on how she should run her clothing store.  Together they make it a huge success.    

On the day of Cynthia’s wedding, she reveals a secret to Diana that forever changes her world.  Can true love finally be in the cards for Diana?

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Friday, March 20, 2015

In Bed with the Bachelor (Bachelor Auction Book 5) by Megan Crane Review

A wild roller coaster ride of a story.

It was the night of Maietta’s charity bachelor auction and Michaela Townsend’s family pooled their money together to buy Jesse Grey for Michaela as a bridal shower gift.  She’s not sure how to handle this strange situation they have put her in.  He was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on in person.  She shouldn’t be feeling this way when she is engaged to be married. 

The date was supposed to be a night out on the town in Seattle.  But, Michaela’s aunts figure she can use Jesse to help point her fiance Terrence in a better direction after a weird hotel situation ten months ago.  

It was during the drive from Mareitta to Seattle that everything changed.  Caught in a blizzard and forced to stay in a hotel room together.  Michaela starts seeing Jesse in a new light and questioning her relationship with Terrence. 

Will Michaela be able to stay faithful to her fiancĂ© or will she let Jesse’s words change her mind about everything?  Can Jesse stick to his rule of never touching another man’s woman? 

I enjoyed this book a lot.  The characters and their backgrounds were written very well.