Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Review: She Steals My Breath (The Medicine Man Book 1) by Karen Kay


Her Beauty Takes His Breath Away… Only She Can Restore It

Eagle Heart of the Blackfoot Nation has not come to the trading post, Fort Union, to trade, but to find his missing brother. The medicine man has never seen a white woman, but, when she walks into the room, her beauty literally steals his breath.

Laylah McIntosh has assets besides beauty that make her valuable to her father, the fort’s trader: her skill with numbers, her photographic memory and her knowledge of the sign language used by all the tribes. But, when she’s injured and caught in a fierce blizzard, it is Eagle Heart, alone, who rescues her.

Forced into each other’s company, their attraction deepens. But a union between them is forbidden in both their worlds.

Can their love find a way to survive? Or will their differences separate them forever?


My Review:

A beautifully told American Indian love story.

Every time I read one of Karen Kay’s books, I come away feeling I have learned so much.  Not only are her books informative, they are also highly entertaining.  I feel this is one of her best yet.  I can’t wait to read more in the Medicine Men series. 

In this book, we see how two people, of different cultures, defy the odds to be together.  It will take courage, strength and trust for Eagle Heart and Laylah to make their new life together as they travel across the wild lands of Montana in search of Eagle Heart’s brother, while growing more in love every day and trying to hide from their enemies. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Review: Montana Cowboy Promise (Wyatt Brothers of Montana #5) by Jane Porter

Three and a half years ago, Tommy Wyatt was in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. He had only one thing on his mind—winning another national championship—until he met a beautiful young med student who changed his life.

Blake Eden is in the last few months of her general practice residency, interviewing for jobs and eager to move forward. But before she can seize her future, she needs to settle some things from her past—like bringing closure to her impulsive marriage to rodeo champion Tommy Wyatt.

When Blake shows up at the Salinas Rodeo demanding Tommy sign their divorce papers, Tommy makes it clear he isn’t interested in signing anything. When he married Blake, he meant his vows. Now Tommy has one week to convince his secret wife they’re meant to be together.


My Review:

A beautifully told love story.

Tommy and Blake’s story started out a bit differently than most romance books.  Three years ago, they met in Las Vegas and married on a whim.  They only spent a few days together before going their separate ways.  During their years apart, Tommy never saw another woman.  He loved Blake so much that he just waited and hoped one day she would come back to him.  But Blake had a reason why she thought they couldn’t be together.  She knew it would only cause Tommy heartache in the end.  When Blake finally returned, it wasn’t to get back together, she was wanting a divorce.  Little did Blake know, Tommy was willing to do anything to keep her in his life. 

I went through all sorts of emotions reading this book. The writing in this book was so good and the characters felt so real.  It was a beautiful, heartbreaking, sweet and exciting story.  This is one of those books that has you hoping it will become a movie one day.     

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Review: Texas Cowgirl (Texas True #4) by Eve Gaddy


They’re made for each other, he just needs to prove it.

Pilot Nate Kershaw may be one of Whiskey River’s biggest players, but from the moment he met cowgirl Damaris Walker, he was smitten. After sharing a searing kiss years ago, she made her feelings clear so Nate doesn’t dare press for more than friendship. No other woman can win his heart, so when his beloved grandmother tells him her dearest wish is to see him settled down, Nate decides it’s the perfect opportunity to convince Damaris they’re meant to be.

After a devastating betrayal years ago, Damaris is still unable to trust or risk her heart—especially with a charming lady-killer like Nate. Against her common sense, she agrees to be Nate’s fake girlfriend and finds herself falling for him harder than she did two years ago.

When Damaris learns Nate has been deceiving her about his true feelings, her fears and trust issues reignite. Will Nate be able to convince Damaris to overcome the pain of the past and take a risk on forever—with him?
My Review: 
Can a fake relationship lead to forever?
Two friends, Damaris and Nate, who secretly have a thing for each other, start a fake relationship to fulfill Nate’s grandmother’s wish of seeing Nate settle down.  Damaris is all for it until it starts to feel a little too real and Nate confesses his true feelings for her.  Even though Damaris has feelings for Nate too, she is leery of a commitment.  She was betrayed by her last serious boyfriend and now has trust issues.  Nate is going to have to work hard if he is going to convince Damaris that they can be good together.  
This is a great addition to the Texas True series.  I enjoyed seeing how Damaris and Nate got their happily ever after.  This story pulled me in right from the start and kept my attention the entire time.  I had a hard time putting this book down.  I just wanted these two characters to find happiness. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Review: A Bittersweet Murder (Hart of Texas Murder Mysteries #1) by Kaz Delaney

Everyone knows everyone in small town Airlie Falls, so where could the killer be hiding?

For one brief hour on a sunny Texas morning, amateur baker Rosie Hart glimpses the life she’s always dreamed about—thanks to a surprise inheritance from the late Miss Alice. But her benefactor is barely cold in the ground when Rosie is accused of her murder.

As the only stranger in the tight-knit Airlie Falls community, and the only person with an obvious motive, all eyes turn to Rosie. Especially when more bodies begin to pile up and mysterious letters from the grave start circulating faster than Rosie can pull a tray of cherry nut clusters out of the oven.

When Rosie begins to suspect the murders have links to a sixty-year-old suspicious death on the very property she’s just inherited, town locals become uneasy. But how can Rosie prove the two are related—and prove her innocence—before the killer strikes again?


My Review:

A great who-done-it. 

Alice Auchinschloss’s caregiver, Rosie, is about to test out her sleuthing skills when Miss Alice is murdered and Rosie becomes the prime suspect.  Rosie gets the help of her new friend, Jonah, his parents and a group of quirky elderly women living at a retirement home, to help her solve the mysteries in the small town of Airlie Falls, Texas, before someone else is murdered of injured.  

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it.  I had a hard time putting it down.  The killer turned out to be someone I never expected.  I can’t wait to see what Rosie is up to in the next book.