Friday, August 26, 2016

The Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club by Nic Tatano - Review


Step away from the cat videos on YouTube and put your reservation for the cat cafe on hold because this is a must-read for cat lovers, rom com enthusiasts and hopeless romantics…
Swapping Prada for purrs…
While covering a story, feisty network reporter Madison Shaw gets more than she bargained for when she rescues a box of orphaned kittens. Suddenly the glamazon of the Manhattan news room is doing two am feedings to keep these furbabies alive!
This is certainly a change of pace for the high maintenance workaholic she’s become and taking care of the kittens makes Madison realise how far off track she’s come—after all, she was a stray once too…
When a video of her caring for the kittens goes viral, she knows her image as a hardnosed reporter is shot to hell. What Madison doesn’t expect is the media circus that propels her and the kittens to stardom. And the domino effect that has on her, her career and her love life—especially when she meets sexy Officer Nick Marino…!

My Review:

A purr-fectly heartwarming story.

While news reporter Madison Shaw is covering a story about the demolition of a stadium, four orphan kittens were discovered along with their mother who had died.  Madison was reluctant to take them, but when she couldn't find anyone to help and the shelters were closed for the weekend, she decided to care for them herself.  Having been dumped by her mother when she was an Infant, Madison knows what it is like to be abandoned. 

The kittens change Madison's life after a video of her feeding them goes viral.  She was a hard-nosed reporter who most people didn't like.  But the kittens brought out a surprisingly softer side of Madison.   They help Madison become a better person, find true love and break a big case that she had been working on.

This book was entertaining and very well written.  I especially loved the fact that one of the rescued kittens was a special needs baby.  It brings attention to animals that aren’t perfect and shows how they are all equally lovable and make great pets.  I would definitely recommend it to any animal lover or romance and chick lit fan. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

His Toughest Call (The Pytheon Security series Book 2) by Joss Wood - Review


Leah Hamilton’s wedding bells rang in an epic disaster. In six hours she was wed, betrayed, arrested and kissed blind and stupid by the one man she’s sworn to avoid: her brother’s best friend, ex-Special Forces soldier and Pytheon boss Seth Halcott, who’s raised her pulse for years. It was just one hot kiss from a man who lived across the world but two weeks later Seth returns and moves in as protection when Leah is targeted in the cross hairs of an international criminal bent on revenge.

Seth Halcott tells himself that Leah Hamilton is just a job, but she’s always been his Achilles heel. The brainy beauty with the feisty mouth has always tempted him to ditch his single status, but while Leah may feel like the one, she’s definitely off limits. He’s only back in her life to ensure her safety and spearhead the biggest bust of his life. Though it’s hard to stay focused when the woman starring in his dreams and sexual fantasies sleeps in the next room…

Leah and Seth discover that danger can be a powerful and passionate aphrodisiac, but will they be surprised to discover it can also lead to love?

My Review: 

A nail biting, page turning story.

Seth Halcott must face his past to gain control of his future.  He is back in Cape Town tracking down a man they call the recruiter, who recruits teens into cults or whatever else suits his needs.

Leah Hamilton, Seth's best friend’s sister, gets caught up in the case he is working on when the recruiter sees how important Leah is to Seth.  The recruiter will use Leah to get to Seth.

While working together, Seth and Leah have an unplanned affair.  Seth knows he is not good for any woman and definitely not good for Leah.  While Leah knows Seth will leave one day, she can't help hoping he might be willing to settle down with her.  Will Seth and Leah be able to overcome all of the obstacles that stand in their way? 

I enjoyed seeing Seth and Leah's love for each other bloom and how they fought for each other regardless of everything that stood in their way.  Overall, this is a good story, but it did end with a cliffhanger. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Loving Kate (Silver Bay series Book 2) by Lara Van Hulzen - Review


Kate MacIntire is determined to live life on her own terms. No muss, no fuss. But when motorcycle riding, free spirit Jack Harden enters the picture, she has no choice but to reconsider.

Moving from Boston to the charming town of Silver Bay, California was supposed to be Kate's fresh start from a painful past relationship, and she's happy with the life she’s building for herself. Order and structure, just the way her somewhat-control-freak self likes it. Until Jack.

Never one to turn down an adventure or a challenge, Jack wants nothing more than to see Kate let loose and embrace the carefree woman she used to be.

But when her past catches up with them, can loving Kate be enough for Jack to break through the walls she’s built to protect herself?

Return to Silver Bay series
Book 1: Return to Silver Bay
Book 2: Loving Kate
Book 3: Coming soon

My Review:

After her marriage ended badly, Kate moved from Boston to Silver Bay California.  She wanted to start her life over and do as she dreamed of so many years ago, opening her own interior design shop.

Kate finally hard her life under control when one day Jack, pulls up beside her on his motorcycle and startles Kate and she crashed into a parking meter and falls off her bike.  Kate never expected to end up becoming friends with Jack, much less fall in love with the bad boy biker.

Ever since Jack saw Kate at his brother’s wedding, he has wanted to know her.  He wanted to get her to open up and have some fun.  Get her to loosen up some.  But Jack had no idea how tightly wound Kate was and everything she had gone through in her marriage.  He vowed to stay by her side and protect her no matter what life threw their way. 

This sweet romance shows that opposites do attract and can bring out the best in each other.  There were a lot of great moments and obstacles the characters had to overcome.  I enjoyed reading their story and seeing how Kate and Jack eventually found love. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Amicable Divorce by Marla Bradeen - Featured Book

Thanksgiving isn't turning out the way she planned . . .

Already dealing with a suspended driver's license, despised job, and looming thirtieth birthday, Vanessa Collins doesn't think much more can go wrong . . . until her husband Brian announces he's filing for divorce.

Acting on her thrice-divorced sister's advice, Vanessa steals Brian's financial documents. She's determined to either escape her marriage with a six-figure settlement or day trade her way into retirement. But Vanessa ends up with something she never bargained for, and now her entire future may be in jeopardy unless she can figure out what's going on before it's too late.

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Author Bio:
Marla Bradeen previously worked as a software consultant and analyst. In 2012, she gave up a traditional job for no other reason than to have more time to pursue personal interests, such as sleeping in late and taking naps. Although she misses seeing regular deposits into her bank account, she hasn't once regretted that decision.

She didn't initially intend to begin writing novels, but after several weeks of doing nothing she realized sleeping all day isn't as easy or enjoyable as her cats led her to believe. Over the ensuing months, she wrote Lethal Injection, which she self-published in 2013.

The Amicable Divorce was the first novel Marla wrote, finished in 2004. Thanks to advancements in self-publishing, it was eventually released a mere nine years later.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Santorini Sunsets by Anita Hughes - Review


Brigit Palmer is thrilled to be on the Greek Island of Santorini. She's here for her wedding to Hollywood heart-throb Blake Crawford, one of America's most eligible bachelors. Brigit's parents have rented a villa, and soon guests will arrive from all over the world for the intimate ceremony. Brigit is a New York socialite, and she's just given up her position at a Manhattan law firm to run her father's philanthropic foundation. Things are finally falling into place. Love, career, family. Everything is going so well...until she steps into the garden and sees her ex-husband Nathaniel hiding in the rose bushes.

Nathaniel, a failed novelist, announces that Blake sold the rights to the wedding to HELLO! Magazine for two million dollars (donated to charity), and he is the reporter assigned to write the story. Everyone expects Brigit to have her happily ever after, her mother who taught her how to lead the perfect lifestyle, her younger sister Daisy who impatiently wishes for her own love story, and of course her fiancée. Things are supposed to work out for them. But when Brigit discovers an unsettling secret about Blake, she questions everything she's ever believed about love, and wonders if she's not better off alone.

Told in Anita Hughes' spectacularly descriptive prose, Santorini Sunsets is a story about family bonds, first loves, and the question of when to let go and when to hang on as tight as you can.

My Review:

Get swept away into a fantastic story that will stay with you long after you finish it.

A wedding between a popular Hollywood actor and a New York socialite is about to take place on the Greek island of Santorini.  All of the family and famous guests have arrived.  But some things aren’t as perfect as they appear. 

Four days before her wedding to popular actor Blake Crawford, Brigit Palmer runs into her ex-husband Nathaniel Cabot who was there to cover the wedding of the year for HELLO magazine.  Nathaniel never stopped loving Brigit, but if she wants to marry Blake, he will wish her luck.  But it doesn't stop him from dropping bits of information about Blake's private life that Brigit didn’t know about.  This leaves Brigit wondering how she can marry someone that she hasn’t known for very long and who has so many secrets?  While spending time with Nathaniel, Brigit starts having feeling for him again.  Will she be able to go through with the wedding? 

Also in the book, we learn how Brigit's mom struggles with a secret of her own that could destroy her marriage.  Brigit's sister Daisy meets and falls in love with the photographer that is working with Nathaniel.  But she has many concerns of her own as to why she shouldn’t be with him. 

This is a wonderfully written book about families and the things they do for love and overcome any obstacle that gets in the way.  I enjoyed every bit of this book, the writing, the characters, the location and most of all, the story.  It shows how you never really know what’s going on in someone’s personal life even when it appears to be perfect.