Thursday, March 23, 2023

Review: A Sprinkle of Spring (Silver Falls Book 4) by Melissa McClone

She’s finally put down solid roots, but his are far away…

L.A.-based surgeon Flynn Andrews may be arrogant and overprotective, but he’ll do anything for his family. When his pregnant sister asks him to be her baby’s godfather, Flynn's touched. Though he’s unhappy that the godmother will be his sister’s best friend and employee, Anna Kent. Flynn doesn’t trust her. Anna’s sunshine attitude and easy smiles must be an act.

Dog groomer Anna Kent dreams of falling in love and living happily ever after. She cherishes the life she’s built in the small town of Silver Falls, a world away from her painful childhood, but she’s missing a life partner. Her overly hyper dog, three spoiled cats, and two rescue fosters don't count. Anna can’t wait to be a godparent, but she’s not thrilled to share the honor with grumpy Flynn.

He doesn’t like her. She’s not impressed with him. Somehow, they'll have to find a way to plan a baby shower together. But as unexpected feelings spark and tensions escalate, the party might be the least of their problems.
My Review:

Falling for her best friend’s brother.

Anna Kent did not like her best friend’s brother, Dr Flynn Andrews.  She considered him to be arrogant.  When they are both thrown in together to plan a baby shower and Anna ends up doing all the work, she really starts to despise him.  But what happens next could change it all.  Anna gets injured and Flynn is the one to stay at her house and help her recover.  Anna soon changes her mind about Flynn.  She started to see the good side of him.   Will it be enough to build a relationship on?

This was a fun quick read.  I liked revisiting the small town of Silver Falls and catching up with the characters from previous books were up to now and seeing how Anna and Flynn’s story would turn out.  I liked seeing how they went from enemies to lovers.  This is a great addition to the Silver Falls series.     


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Review: A Homecoming Mantra (The Sood Family, #4) by Sapna Srinivasan


He’s a great single dad, but his family decides he needs a new wife…immediately.

No one in the Sood family has divorced—ever. But when successful mystery writer Shaan Sood’s wife cheats, he files. After his ex cuts ties with both him and their daughter, he leaves India to return to his Washington hometown and raise Misha closer to family. Shaan focuses on building a stable and loving home for Misha, but his peace is shattered by his loving family’s insistence that Misha needs a mother. Shaan is done with love, but he’d be lying if he didn’t admit he can’t stop thinking about his beautiful new neighbor.

Riding instructor Claire Wellington is everything Shaan should avoid. She’s kind, intelligent, and interested in helping Misha rebuild her confidence through riding lessons. Misha falls in love with the captivating and adventurous Claire, and Shaan’s heart isn’t far behind.

But Claire has secrets, and Shaan is a man who’s built a career solving mysteries. Can he risk his and his daughter’s hearts once again?


My Review:

A sweet heartfelt story.

I have loved the previous books in the Sood Family series and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one.  As with the other books, there is lots of fun and laughs with the family, but also some more serious issues.  This time we meet best-selling author, Shaan and his daughter, Misha, who have left India and returned to Washington after Shaan and his wife divorce.  Washington is where Shaan was raised and his family live there.  Shaan wanted Misha to know the love of family and learn about their culture from them.  

When Misha’s teacher suggests Shaan find some sort of outlet, for Misha, to help her underlaying issues about her mother, Shaan finds Claire, one of his neighbors who has horses.  Claire agrees to teach Misha how to ride, even though she no longer teaches riding because of something that she recently went through.   Along with teaching Misha to ride, Shaan and Claire form a bond that leads to love.  But when Shaan keeps a secret from Claire, it could ruin their relationship, which would not only break each of their hearts, but it could effect Misha as well.  Shaan will do anything to convince Claire to take him back. Will Shaan, Claire and Misha become the happy family they all want?


Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Review: Kiss Me Under the Irish Sky by Karen Foley


She’s ready for an enchanting summer on the Irish coast.

Chicago graduate student Rachel Woods is determined to complete her degree and take her place in the family textile business. But when she learns her late father once spent a summer at a traditional weaving mill in Ireland, she decides to follow in his footsteps. Rachel’s a city girl at heart, but soon finds herself falling under the spell of the Emerald Isle—and the charming man who saves her.

Conall McDermott knows all about following your dreams. He left medicine to pursue his love of running and turned that passion into a nationwide retail business. When his local trail leads him to a beautiful American woman trapped in a bog, Conall rescues her and is smitten. She wants to learn about Donegal tweed, and since his family owns the local woolen mill, he happily introduces her to the local weavers, culture, and community.

When the opportunity of a lifetime arises sooner than expected, can Rachel ignore the powerful attraction she and Conall share, or will she let him—and Ireland—weave their magic around her heart?


My Review:

Home is where the heart is.

When Rachel Woods traveled to Ireland for an internship at McDermott Mills, she never imagined she would find the man she wanted to spend her life with, Conall McDermott.  Rachel was supposed to be focusing on her goal, to learn all she could about manufacturing tweed and luxury textiles, and then go back to Chicago to work as a designer for her uncle’s company.  Rachel and Conall fell hard for each other in the short time Rachel was there.  Will they be able to continue their relationship, or with they end up heartbroken, when it is time for Rachel to go back home. 

This is such a beautiful and hopeful story.  I loved seeing Rachel and Conall fall in love.  I also enjoyed the setting of the story.  The author wrote with such detail, I felt like I just took a little trip to Ireland along with Rachel.  This is the first in a new book series and I am already anxious to read the next book.