Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Review: Sworn to Honor (Sworn Navy SEALs #2) by Charlee James


She wakes his war-weary soul with a song, but can she trust him

Navy SEAL Julian “Joker” Desmond didn’t get his nickname from cracking jokes. He’s tough, suspicious and honed by battle, but when he hears a woman singing in a local bar after his recent deployment, he lets down his guard for a taste of heaven. In the morning, she’s gone, leaving him bitterly disappointed.

Music therapist Sam Campbell knows better than to let a man get close. Her family is dangerous, and she deliberately keeps a low profile. When she runs into Julian again at her teen client’s house, she’s both thrilled and dismayed. She’s been unable to forget their night of fireworks and connection, but she’s determined to keep them both safe.

When he discovers Sam’s dark past and why she ran after their night of passion, Julian vows to protect her…or die trying.


My Review:

Their love was meant to be.

I had a hard time putting this book down.  Julian “Joker” Desmond and Samantha Campbell couldn’t be more different.  He is a tough SEAL and Sam is a singer/music therapist. What started out as just a hookup, turns into much more.  There is a lot of sweet and tender moments in the story along with some emotional and intense suspense.  It has a little bit of everything I look for in a book.  It is a great addition to the Sworn Navy SEALs series. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Review: Resolute Bodyguard (The Protectors of Boone County, Texas #4) Leslie Marshman

Their shared past ended badly
But he’ll give everything to save their future


Security expert Nate Reed hates returning to Resolute, Texas—almost as much as becoming assistant DA Sara Bennett’s bodyguard. Their spring break fling years ago ended badly. A second chance
can’t happen…no matter how much desire still simmers. But when a dangerous stalker’s threats escalate to a deadly inferno, Nate will risk it all to keep his vulnerable, irresistible charge safe.


My Review: 

Lots of action and suspense. 

In the town of Resolute, Texas, just lost a judge.  They need a quick replacement until a new judge can be voted in.  Sara Bennett, Austin’s Assistant District Attorney, has stepped up to temporarily fill the position.  She always wanted to be a judge.  Sara soon discovers she has a stalker and that stalker has followed her to Resolute.  She needs a bodyguard fast.  That’s where Nate Reed, a security specialist, steps in.  Years ago, Nate and Sara had a spring break fling and never saw each other again.  Will they be able to keep it professional, or will old feelings make a come-back?

This book had everything I was looking for, suspense, action, romance and great family dynamics.


Review: Bayou Redemption (Louisiana Book 4) by Susan Sands

She wants to find Mr. Perfect, but first she needs to fine tune her own Ms. Perfect…

Skilled cardiac surgeon Elizabeth Keller is determined to turn over a new leaf. Not easy when you live and work in the same small town where you grew up and your family’s rocked by scandals. Plus there’s the painful fact everyone remembers your brilliant, beautiful, blonde mean girl adolescence. But Elizabeth doesn’t give up easily. Ask anyone including the new hot surgeon gunning for her job.

When Dr. Charlie Beaudoin arrives in Cypress Bayou, he’s relieved to put the past and New Orleans behind him. His new partner is as gorgeous as she is captivating, and definitely suspicious of his professional intentions. At first Charlie works to establish respect, trust and friendship with Elizabeth because he needs the job. But when a hurricane threatens the town and hospital, he and Elizabeth pull together to create a safety plan and soon the lines between professional and personal blur.

But when the skies clear and secrets and threats surround them, will their budding romance and fragile trust survive?


My Review:

An all-around great romantic story.

If you read any of the Louisiana series books, you will know Elizabeth Keller is not a very well-liked person in Cypress Bayou.  In this book we learn why she acts the way she does.  I couldn’t help but like her as I learned more about her.  The new cardiologist at the hospital, Charlie Beaudoin, really helped bring the best out of Elizabeth.  But it’s during a hurricane that the rest of town discovers what a compassionate person she really is.  I wish this had been a longer book. I enjoyed it so much, I wasn’t ready for it to end.  This book has it all, romance, excitement and drama.