Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Review: Homicide at Vincent Vineyard (West Coast Crime Story #3) by Denise N. Wheatley

A case from the past
Could change their future

New chief of police Jake Love is just settling in when information on a cold case pops up. Bringing closure to the murder at Vincent Vineyard is his top priority. And having his girlfriend, Ella Bowman, at his side helping with the investigation should have drawn them even closer. But when Ella’s connection to the powerful family leads to threats, the truth’s revelation might destroy them both. 

Discover more action-packed stories in the West Coast Crime series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings but were published in the following order:

Book 1:
The Heart-Shaped Murders
Book 2:
Danger in the Nevada Desert
Book 3:
Homicide at Vincent Vineyard


My Review:

Edge of your seat excitement.

This book kept getting better and better as I read it.  It is a fast-paced story that I just couldn’t get enough of.  I enjoyed seeing Ella and Jake’s relationship grow throughout the story, even though I thought it might all implode at one point.  When it came to solving the crime, the killer came as a total surprise to me.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romantic suspense story. 


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Review: The Convenient Cosentino Wife (Harlequin Presents) by Jane Porter

She’s been claimed with his covenient ring and left reeling from his shocking revelations in this marriage-of-convenience romance by New York Times bestselling author Jane Porter.

The last thing she expected?
Her attraction to her convenient husband!

Clare Redmond retreated from the world, pregnant and grieving her fiancĂ©’s death, never expecting to see his ice-cold brother, Rocco, again. She’s stunned when the man who always avoided her storms back into her life, demanding they wed to give her son the life a Cosentino deserves!

Clare accepts—how can she deny her son his birthright? Yet she soon discovers Rocco's coldness masks an unbridled passion that sets her alight! But discovering the truth behind his unexpected proposal could tear apart her precious newfound family…


My Review:

I couldn’t put this book down.

This book is a beautifully written marriage of convenience story and I enjoyed everything about it.  The characters, the plot and the setting, all worked very well together to make this an unforgettable story.  As I was reading, I could easily visualize the scenes.  It was everything I have come to expect from a Jane Porter and Harlequin book.  I was totally swept away in this romance.  I just couldn’t get enough. 



Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Review: Merry Little Heartbreak (Legacy of the Maguires Book 5) by Stella Holt


This year, they’re unwrapping the truth for Christmas…

Drake Maguire’s first love dumped him right before they were to move cross country for medical school. Now he’s made a name for himself as a plastic surgeon to LA’s wealthiest, even if it bores him. But this Christmas, he returns home to Virginia to pitch in at the same hospital as his ex. Could this be a restart for his career and his heart?

Margo Monroe can’t believe her bad luck. December should be a time to string twinkle lights and stockings in her ER, but instead, she’s dodging Drake’s questions and her urge to run her fingers through his hair. Yes, they broke each other’s hearts last time—yet perhaps throwing in the towel was a mistake.

But flirting leads to more than just words, and Margo needs her head in the game if she wants to expand her career in the new year. Are their emotions merely on call for the holidays, or is this attraction a symptom of something far merrier?


My Review:

A reunion long overdue.

Ten years have passed since Margo and Drake have seen each other.  During those years, they both made a name for themselves, in their chosen medical fields, on opposites sides of the country.  Gone, but not forgotten.  But now that Drake is back in town and they are working together in the ER at Mercy Hospital, can they make up for lost time?  Or, has too much time passed for a second chance? 

I couldn’t get enough of this book.  I enjoyed how Margo kept trying to brush off Drake even though she was still in love with him.  I liked how Drake wouldn’t give up on Margo.  He loved her so much that he was willing to change his life for her.  I enjoyed everything about this book, the characters, the plot, the setting and even the emotional parts.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance book. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Review: Christmas at Embthwaite Farm (The Mowbray Sisters Book 2) by Kate Hewitt

Welcome to Embthwaite Farm, a charming English home in North Yorkshire, belonging to the fractured Mowbray family

With older sister Rachel home to help run the family farm and navigate their father’s terminal illness, Harriet Mowbray feels untethered, yet surprisingly free. She wants to embrace her future but continually trips over the insecurities and hurts from her fraught family relationships. When a mysterious millionaire purchases a derelict manor home to renovate into a hotel set to open before Christmas, Harriet pushes herself out of her comfort zone and approaches the owner to become a client for her fledging bakery business.

Former gaming entrepreneur Quinn Tyler has sunk everything into this new venture, and Harriet finds him utterly unexpected. Confident, impulsive and fun, he sweeps Harriet off her feet and their friendship blossoms to Harriet’s surprise and delight. As they work together on the hotel’s finishing touches, Harriet and Quinn battle their insecurities and demons and make surprising revelations as they build their fledgling relationship.

As Christmas looms, will they have the strength of conviction to fight for the hotel—and their newfound love?


My Review:

A heartfelt romance/family drama.

This book is a sweet romance between Harriet, a small-town girl, and Quinn, the new man in town who is turning an old manor house into a hotel.  Both characters seemed to lack a bit of self esteem because of how they were raised, but together, they brought out the best in each other and are able to overcome what was holding them back.  I also liked the family drama in the book.  The book is well written with interesting characters and a great story line.  I couldn’t wait to see how this book played out in the end.  I am already anxiously waiting for the next book.