Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Review: Resolute Justice by Leslie Marshman


Will a stand-up sheriff toss the rule book in order to deliver justice?

Between hunting human traffickers and solving her father’s murder, Sheriff Cassie Reed’s hands are full. So, despite her attraction to Tyler Bishop, finding his runaway missing niece isn’t a priority. Besides, the charming PI’s penchant for bending rules exasperates the by-the-book cop. But when a leak in her department brings Cassie under suspicion, joining forces with the tantalizing rebel is her only option.

My Review:

An exciting, edge of your seat, romantic suspense.

Boone County Sheriff, Cassie Reed is investigating a group of human trackers that killed her father.  Private detective, Tyler Bishop, is trying to find his missing niece.  When Cassie and Bishop learn they could be looking for the same people, they team up to solve the cases together.  Even though they have different ways of getting the job done, they work well together.  They even carve out a little time for romance.

I couldn’t put this book down.  I just couldn’t find a good place to stop reading.  There was so much intrigue and action.  The author’s words made the story feel so real, like I was right there helping solve the crime.  I hope more books will follow this one as I really want to learn more about the rest of Cassie’s family and I already miss the citizens of Resolute, especially Marge.  She was a fun addition to the story. 

Review: Once a Cowboy (The Raffertys of Last Stand, #3) by Justine Davis

He’s a cowboy through and through…

Rylan Rafferty was a cowboy long before interest in his leatherworking artistry and saddle making for the rich and famous catapulted him to national fame. He values his privacy, so when a popular Texas magazine wants to feature him, his first inclination is to run. His military father who died in combat when Rylan was a teen was the artist, not him. But then he meets the photographer, and Rylan suddenly no longer wants to bury himself in his work.

Kaitlyn Miller values three things above all else—the memory of her father, her photography, and the mentor who first handed her a camera. Her beautiful but flawed mother may have chipped away at her self-esteem as a child, but Kaitlyn has confidence in her work. So she’s thrilled to be back home in Texas for her first big break—a photo shoot of a local Last Stand artist.

When plain Kaitlyn collides with gorgeous Rylan, unexpected sparks fly. But can he convince her that her generous heart and artist's eye make her more than beautiful to him? 


My Review:

Their love was meant to be. 

Having read the previous books in the Raffertys of Last Stand series, I couldn’t wait to learn more about Rylan, the artist of the family.  This book was everything I thought it would be, and then some. 

Rylan and Kaitlyn were perfect for each other, but they both had some issues they needed to work out.  They were both broken people.  Rylan was in self-doubt about how good of an artist he was.  His father was the real artist of the family and Rylan had a hard time seeing himself being as good.  Kaitlyn’s alcoholic mother mentally abused her to the point she didn’t think she was pretty enough or worthy enough for a man like Rylan.  As they work together, for a magazine article, they become close and learn how good they are for each other.  They help each other get past what is holding them back and in the end fall in love, but not without a few hurdles to cross first. 

This book was brilliantly written.  I was pulled in from the start and it held my attention to the very last words.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Review: Scammer Girl (Tech-nically Love #2) by Michelle Dayton

Technology complicates everything, including love.

Five years ago, Jo Harper did a bad thing. Dumped, injured, and in crippling debt, Jo did what any desperate woman with a PhD in psychology and above-average computer skills would: become an elite, undetectable online romance scammer. Now Jo and her team of four young women bring in enough cash to keep them securely afloat. Their targets? Married cheaters.

Jamie March, Bay Area royalty known as “The Conscience of Silicon Valley,” hates every aspect of online crime, especially those who defraud people. And when it appears that his brother is the victim of a sophisticated romance scam, he can't stand idly by.

What’s weird though, is that when Jo and Jamie meet…they don’t hate one another. Not at all. He makes her laugh and feel alive again. She challenges his intellect like no other. But they can’t trust one another, right? And you can’t fall in love with someone you don’t trust—or can you? 


My Review:

A fast-paced opposites attract romance.

This was such a fun book to read.  I never would have thought the pairing of a romance scammer with a straight-laced computer guru millionaire would work, but this author made it work really well.  There were parts that made me laugh, some emotional parts and everything in between.  I really liked the chemistry between Jo and Jamie and how Jo’s employees became more like family, there no matter what.  Jamie was the same way with his family.  He would do anything for them which ultimately caused a big problem between him and Jo.  But with a little luck and a little scheming, they were able to find their happily ever after.