Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One Night with the Cowboy by Eve Gaddy Review


Meet the Kellys of Whiskey River, Texas, men who have always gone through life, and women, with their father’s legendary charm.

Trey Kelly has it all. Eldest son of Boots Kelly, Trey runs the Kelly ranch, and Trey’s heart is with his “babies”, Kelly’s Champs, the World Champion cutting horses he breeds and sells. Women love Trey and he loves women, but he’s never met the one he wanted for keeps. Until…

Reclusive Ariana Wright‘s lavender farm sits next door to the Kelly spread. Ariana is a smart, ambitious chemist and after the car accident that left her scarred, the success of her new line of lavender-based beauty products is all Ariana is interested in.

Convincing Ariana to take a chance on love is a task that takes all of Trey’s cowboy determination. But can Ariana let go of the wounds of the past and give herself more than one night with the cowboy?

My Review:

When you know you are in love, love is all that matters.

Ariana Wright’s soft spot for animals leaves her in trouble.  While trying to rescue an injured dog from a creek, she lands in freezing water after she twists her ankle. 

When horse breeder Trey Kelly finds Ariana struggling to get out of the creek, he needs to help her out.  Even though they both have their eyes set on the same piece of property for their own personal reasons and, he can’t leave his neighbor injured and alone.    

After a car accident leaves Ariana scarred, she lost faith in love when her fiance dumps her two weeks after the accident he caused.  She lost faith in people because everyone stares at her scar.  She hides behind her work in the lavender fields so she doesn’t have to see people.  But Trey sees her true beauty and wants to show her she can be loved and feel beautiful again.   

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