Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Review: Someone Rotten Riding the Rails (The Accidental Detective Book 6) by Kris Bock


Kate Tessler and her crew of misfits set out to blow the whistle on two feuding crime families . . .

Former war correspondent Kate Tessler has solved multiple murders since returning to her Arizona hometown, to the grudging appreciation of the local police. Now Detective Padilla and the FBI approach Kate with a proposal. Two Russian crime families have rented a private historic train to the Grand Canyon for their children’s wedding. The route is scenic and remote. No cell phones. The FBI needs to surveil, but anyone infiltrating the train must be above suspicion.

Kate poses as herself, sent by the newspaper to cover the society wedding, while her sister Jen is the photographer. Their multi-generational and eccentric crew pose as train staff. The goal is to observe, but that quickly derails when the groom disappears, and a search for him turns up a dead body. Everyone’s a suspect and trapped on the train.

The mob families won’t contact the police, so it’s up to Kate and friends to uncover the truth before their whole mission goes off the tracks.


My Review:

Exciting and unpredictable.

A wedding on a train between rival Russian mafia families.  What could go wrong?  This book is a nail biter and I had a hard time putting it down.  I just needed to know what happened next.  It is the perfect mystery story; interesting and unpredictable.  I enjoyed catching up with Kate, Jen and the Coffee Shop Irregulars.  Even though this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Review: A Stolen Shadow (Chief Inspector Shadow Mystery Book 7) by H L Marsay


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Review: ER Doc's Las Vegas Reunion by Denise N. Wheatley


Will she roll the dice on a second chance when she’s reunited with the man from her past? Find out in Denise N. Wheatley’s Las Vegas–set debut for Harlequin Medical Romance!


The last place straitlaced Dr. Eva Gordon expects to call home is Las Vegas. But when her famous fiancĂ© abruptly ends their engagement, Eva’s desperate to escape her small town and its gossipmongers. Yet, whilst Fremont General provides a clean slate, Dr. Clark Malone makes her history impossible to forget… Because Eva’s new colleague was once her best friend, before an evening of passion changed everything. Could her fresh start lead to their second chance?


My Review:

An amazing second chance romance. 

I just found a new addiction in the form of a book. I read through this book in record time. It was that good. The romance and passion were off the charts. The ER scenes seemed so real and very detailed. The chemistry between Eva and Clark was the best. I really enjoyed the secondary characters too. I don’t think this story could have gotten any better. I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

Review: Lucky Strike (Love in El Dorado Book 3) by Janine Amesta

Is finding an unexpected gem a lucky strike?

After getting a late jumpstart in life, Luna Lanza isn’t afraid to get what she wants, including the place of her dreams. When she loses out on the perfect duplex and settles for a standard apartment, she’s disappointed. But Luna remains determined to make it work, even if it sparks a contentious relationship with her new landlord– the same guy she accidentally kissed in an impromptu photo shoot.

Still grieving the sudden death of his brother, reformed bad boy Sam Sunderland feels trapped managing his father’s rundown apartment building. When the spunky beauty, who unexpectedly kissed him, moves in full of ideas, he can’t help being intrigued– that is until she starts changing things behind his back, endangering his position and the relationship with his father.

Sam and Luna wrangle over rules and misunderstandings while fighting against the undeniable attraction between them. It’s a hard lesson to learn that ‘perfect’ can take many different forms. But will the renovations they do together lay a foundation to something more?


My Review:

Fun and original.

This book is sweet and tender, funny and emotional.  From the very first (accidental) kiss, I couldn’t wait to see how Luna and Sam would find their way to each other.  While reading this book, I went through all sorts of emotions, I laughed and felt sad and cheered for Luna and Sam.  They deserved a happily ending after all they went through to get there.  This writer really has a way with words.  She pulled me into the story from the very start and when I was finished reading the book, I still needed more.