Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Review: Flirting with Fire by Jane Porter


Forty-nine-year-old Margot Hughes has lived and breathed theater for the past twenty-five years. After a devastating breakup with her playwright fiancĂ©, she wants nothing to do with the industry. She has sworn off New York, theater, actors—all of it. She returns to her hometown on California’s central coast and takes a job in real estate, where she manages significant investment properties. But Margot’s suddenly thrown back into the theater world when Sally, her friend and boss, who had been restoring and funding Cambria’s historic theater, has a heart attack. Before she knows it, Margot is tapped to take over the troubled summer production of Barefoot in the Park.

But the play is no walk in the park—the leads and director have all quit, and Margot struggles to find new actors…until Max Russo arrives. Forty-five-year-old Max is a former soap opera star turned rugged cowboy on TV’s most popular western series.  Max has a huge following and is the perfect hero to step up and save the play, provided Margot stars opposite him.   Although adamant she would never return to theater, Margot enjoys the long hours of rehearsal with a professional like Max, who is charming, witty, and passionate. But when the curtains close, can Margot allow herself to fall for Max when he represents everything she left behind?
My Review:  
Was it love?  Or were they just caught up in the act?
Margot Hughes was done with the entertainment industry and everyone in it.  After spending twenty-five years on Broadway and suffering a devastating breakup with her boyfriend, she was back in California, and had created a whole new life.  Everything changed when Margot’s boss, Sally, asked Margot to help out with her new play.  Margot reluctantly agreed.  She would do anything for Sally.  Margot had no idea she would end up starring in the play and the famous actor, Max Russo, would be her co-star.  Working together, Margot and Max fell for each other pretty quick.  But when Max’s past comes back to haunt him, is their relationship strong enough to withstand it?  Or were they just caught up in the moment?

This is such an amazing story.  I enjoyed seeing Margot and Max’s journey, through their ups and downs, and how they worked through issues when they came up. I was definitely not ready for this book end.  I loved everything about it.


Review: Blink Twice If You Love Me: A Novel (Crickley Creek Book 2) by Laurie Beach


She’s determined for her rags to riches story to have a fairy tale happy ending.

Krista Hassell might be a member of the poorest, least respected family in Crickley Creek, South Carolina, but she believes deep in her soul that character counts. She’s finally curated the perfect plan—and boyfriend—that, together, will save her societal standing and rewrite her future. That is, until a family tragedy strikes and her mother goes off the rails…again. If only Krista could show her community who she really is beyond her old, crumbling shack on the marsh, she could find the inner peace she yearns for.

Army veteran Johnny Merrick came to Crickley Creek for a wedding and decided to extend his stay in the quaint town, renting the small house next door to Krista for the summer. As their friendship grows, Krista is forced to rethink the very relationships her plan needs to succeed—and yet it might be exactly what she needs to fully embrace what fills her soul most: the marsh she’s trying to escape.

But only if she makes her move before the fireflies disappear for the season…


My Review: 

A brilliant new voice in southern women’s fiction/romance.

I fell in love with Crickley Creek and its residents in the first book of this series, The Firefly Jar.  I didn’t know if the second book could be any better, but it really was.  This one is my favorite in the series (so far).  I could relate to Krista and some of the things she went through growing up and how she craved a better life.  When she met Johnny, she didn’t realize he was her destiny.  They needed each other and didn’t even realize it.  I loved everything about this book.  The characters were well written with interesting backgrounds.  There was fun banter, cry your eyes out moments, laugh out loud moments and some I can’t believe that just happened moments.  It is a well rounded story with a great plot.   

Laurie Beach is quickly become one of my favorite authors.  She writes characters that seem real, with real life issues.  They truly come to life through her words.  Her books are heartfelt and emotional and they leave me wanting more. 



Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Review: Two Sides of a Secret (Secret Tie, #2) by Kelly Cain


Her family history has more thorns than roses...

Lauren Steele has always been grateful for her adoptive family’s love and support. So much so that she takes over the family floral business when her parents retire, despite her dreams of working on political campaigns. Instead of crafting clever speeches, she spends her days writing out romantic messages on behalf of her clients—a bittersweet reminder that she’s never been on the receiving end of one of these orders. She’s accepted her simple life, until the sexiest man she’s ever met walks into her shop looking for a job.

Ben Specter fixes problems for a living, and he’s been hired to investigate Lauren. His client is a wealthy, powerfully connected man running for governor, and Ben’s research unearthed a massive skeleton in the man's closet—a secret older sister that his mother never mentioned. Getting closer to Lauren is strictly business, but the more time Ben spends with her, the more the lines between work and pleasure blur.

But when his deception is revealed, will Lauren be able to trust Ben and believe that what they shared was real?


My Review:

A great addition to the Secret Tie series.

I really enjoyed this book. The author does an amazing job on creating an intriguing plot and interesting characters that I just couldn’t get enough of.  I had a hard time putting this book down and was so happy when Lauren and Ben finally got the happiness they deserved.


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Review: The Cowboy's Word (The Coyote Cowboys of Montana, #1) by Sinclair Jayne


The Coyote Cowboys each made a vow to a fallen comrade and have one year to carry out their task…

Local hero Remington Cross has only painful memories of Marietta, Montana. He may want ranch work, but he’ll take it anywhere but here. Still, loyalty brings Remy to Marietta determined to locate Jace’s godchild, ensure his physical and financial security, then close this chapter for good. But a smoldering encounter with a beautiful bartender threatens his timeline and heart, and when he discovers Jace’s godchild is at risk, he enlists the aid of the enigmatic beauty who’s more no-strings than he is.

Shane Knight is no stranger to secrets, and she can tell the haunted ex-soldier is hiding plenty. She’s finished trying to fix wounded bad boys, and after her broken engagement, her heart’s permanently off-limits. When Shane jumps boots first into a red-hot one-night stand, she never anticipates getting tangled up with a sexy cowboy and a child who needs them.

It’s a chance for love, family, and a fresh start for them both, but will secrets break the fragile thread of their new beginning?


My Review:

A great start to a new series.

When Remy returned to Marietta, Montana, his plan was to fulfill the wishes of his friend, Jace, who was killed while they served in the special forces together, after that Remy would decide what to do with his life.  Remy had no idea what he was in for, but he was willing to do anything for his friend.  And he soon found out it included a woman, an orphan girl and a big family that he didn’t know about. Even though Remy didn’t plan to stay in Marietta, he just might find his life was destined to be in the town he where he least expected it. 

This book took me on an emotional journey while I read it, but all those tears are worth it in the end.  This is a wonderful story of love, family and starting over.