Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Review: Her Texas Cowboy (Blackstone Ranch, #2) by Pam Crooks


He can't be fooled by a pretty face…

Brock Paxton’s love life is suffering, and there’s no woman around who can cure him—until a raven-haired beauty in stilettos drives into town to help at his family's vacation resort. Her questions stir his suspicions and his instincts insist there's more to her than she lets anyone see. So why does he still want her more than he should?

Facing false allegations back home in New York City, Lucienne Dunn has only one hope left to save herself: asking her father for help. Though his ruthless solution goes against everything she's ever believed in, she must go along with his plan, even if it means clashing with a sexy, ex-military cowboy...

But the Paxtons refuse to sell, and there’s danger brewing on the ranch. Everything in Lucienne’s life is falling apart. How can she live without Brock when it does?


My Review:

The things you do for those you love....

Brock Paxton will do anything to protect his family and their legacy.  So, when Lucienne Dunn shows up to decorate the cabins at Blackstone Ranch’s new vacation getaway, he can’t seem to help thinking there is more up her sleeve than just a decorating job. 

Lucienne is in legal trouble and needs to clear her name.  When her father comes up with the idea of buying Paxton Ranch, for its mineral rights, and asks Lucienne to convince them to sell, she had no choice but to go along with it.  But there was a flaw to the plan.  Lucienne didn’t plan on falling for Brock or caring so much for his family and she has trouble fulfilling her part of the plan.  And when her secret comes out, she needs to convince Brock that she really isn’t a bad person before it’s too late.

I really liked the opposites attract storyline and seeing how Lucienne and Brock worked through their differences.  I also liked how the Paxton family would do anything to protect what was theirs, even if it was a woman.  There was also a little bit of mystery in the story.  This is the second book in the Blackstone Ranch series and I enjoyed it as much as the first.  I look forward to reading the next book. 



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Review: The Cowboy Finds a Family (Cowboys of Horse Thief Mountain #1) by Anne McAllister


Mr. Stubborn.

Mace Nichols is an 'I'll die with my boots on' cowboy. Old-school. Tough, silent and honorable. Which is why he’s leaving his wife, Jenny. She has helped him build his dream—the Montana ranch they loved. Now he can’t give her the family she’s always dreamed of, so he has no choice: he needs to set her free. It makes perfect sense to him.

It doesn’t make a bit of sense to Jenny! She loves her stubborn, bull-headed husband. She admires his courage, his tenacity and his determination to always Do The Right Thing—even if, in this case, it is the stupidest thing he's ever done.

Mace is right—Jenny has always wanted a family. But she wants a family with Mace! How can she convince the most honorable, stubborn man in the world what really matters in life?


My Review:

An emotional second chance love story.

High school sweethearts, Mace and Jenny, have been together fourteen years, but when Mace finds out he can’t give Jenny the family she wants, he leaves.  Maybe Jenny can find another man to father her children.  But Jenny isn’t about to throw away their marriage.  She will do anything to get her husband back.  Jenny just needs to find a way to break down those walls of stubbornness Mace has built around himself.

I had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning.  It started out very sad and had a lot of characters to keep up with.  But I am glad I stuck with it.  It is a wonderful story of how far people will go for those they love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Review: A Case for the Candle Maker (Ainsley McGregor, #4) by Candace Havens

Play with candles and you might get burned…

Ainsley McGregor has her hands full preparing for Sweet River’s Valentine’s Day celebration and her bestie’s wedding. So when a mysterious woman pitches selling her candles in Ainsley’s shop, Bless Your Art, Ainsley nearly blows her off. But the candle’s fragrance is evocative, and she can’t resist placing an order.

The candles are a hit, quickly selling out, but when Ainsley calls the woman to buy more, she’s unreachable. Hoping to connect, Ainsley and her Great Dane, George Clooney, stop by the local bed and breakfast. When George whines outside her room, Ainsley is afraid to look. She soon discovers that the candle maker is dead—in a room that was locked from the inside.

Although her brother, the town sheriff, is on the case, Ainsley believes the prime suspect is innocent. Intent to prove it, Ainsley once again drops into sleuth mode, discovering some surprising truths about the mystery woman. But has she just put herself in the killer’s crosshairs?
My Review:

A small town cozy mystery.

Ainsley McGregor is busy preparing for Sweet River’s Valentine’s Day festival along with her best friend’s wedding, when a new candle maker, Jasmine, shows up at Bless Your Art, wanting to sell her candles.  They quickly become friends and the next thing they know, Jasmine’s sister ends up dead.  But that’s not all, Jasmine’s father is also dead.  Ainsley puts on her sleuthing hat and heads out to solve the mystery. 

I have enjoyed all of the Sweet River stories and this one was just as good.  I enjoyed catching up with the characters along with trying to figure out who the new killer was.  This book also has another mystery in it too that was like a bonus.  As always Ainsley’s Great Dane, George Clooney is a fun addition to the story.