Thursday, July 29, 2021

Review: The Rancher Risks It All (The Tremaynes of Texas #2) by Debra Holt

She’s on the run…

On a storm-ravaged night, Texas rancher Truitt Tremayne is trying to make it home before the road floods. Years ago he lost his parents, fiancée and youngest brother in a flash flood on the same country road, so it seems like déjà vu when he nearly hits a stranded car with a beautiful woman and her sister trapped inside.

Annie Sims and her sister Jessie are running from their past. She’s headed to San Antonio where they can disappear, but bad luck follows them. With her funds depleted and her car useless, Truitt’s offer of a temporary sanctuary with no questions asked seems too good to be true. Soon Annie finds herself falling under the spell of the kind, silent rancher. But can she let her guard down and still keep her sister safe, or is she courting more danger?

Truitt knows Annie has a secret. He wants her trust, but can he give his heart to another woman after he’s already lost so much?


My Review:

A heartwarming country romance.

Annie and her little sister, Jessie, were on the run.  They just needed to make it to San Antonio where they could start a new life.  But it did t work that way.  During a storm, their car ended up stuck in mud, on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.

Truitt was on his way home when he came upon a car on the side of the road.  Being the kindhearted guy he was, he stopped to help.  He ended up taking Annie and Jessie back to Four T Ranch, his family’s ranch, where they could sit out the storm and he could have Annie’s car repaired.  Annie and Jessie’s stay ended up being much longer than planned when Annie came down with the flu.  Annie and Truitt were good for each other.  Truitt was still holding onto something that happened in his past and Annie didn’t know who she could trust.  They both knew it couldn’t last.  Annie had to keep moving.  But just maybe, Truitt might be able to convince Annie to take up roots right there on the ranch with his family.

This book was so good and a great addition to the Tremaynes of Texas series.


Monday, July 26, 2021

Review: A Slice of Summer (Silver Falls, #2) by Melissa McClone

 First, he ghosted her. Now, he has a proposition…

Taryn Lawson needs more customers in her bakery to prove she’s capable of taking over the family business. The summer fair is the perfect opportunity to jump-start her vision with a specialized booth showcasing her creative desserts. Despite her fierce work ethic, she needs help to build her booth in time. Unfortunately, the only person available is the handsome attorney who played with her heart last Christmas.

Trial attorney Garrett Andrews regrets not contacting the pretty baker he dated during his last holiday vacation. But he had his reasons and is finally ready to make amends. When he returns to town for his sister’s wedding, Garrett gets his second chance when Taryn needs help building her booth.

Working together reignites the spark, but Taryn is aware the clock is ticking. Will they realize what they have is special before it’s too late, or will their second chance at love once again slip through their fingers?


My Review:

A super sweet romance.

The town of Silver Falls is not only gearing up for their summer fair, but there is also a big wedding about to take place.  Garrett Andrews is back in town for his sister Callie’s wedding and he will have to face the girl he ghosted six months ago, Taryn Lawson.  Taryn runs her family bakery and has been dealing with a big loss of customers due to a new bakery that recently opened.  She needs to make the best booth for the Silver Falls Summer Festival if she plans to get customers back in her bakery.  But when she discovers her booth has been ruined by a leak in her shed, she panics.  Garrett is quick to help Taryn build a new booth.  Working together brings back the old memories they shared during Garrett’s stay in Silver Falls during Christmas.  But, can Taryn trust her heart to stay professional only?  She knows once the wedding is over, Garrett will be leaving town again.

This was a fun and sweet story with small-town charm.  I enjoyed every minute of Taryn and Garrett’s reunion, along with catching up with Callie and Brandt, from The Christmas Window. And, I can't end without mentioning that gorgeous cover. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Review: Two Girls And An Oven: How twelve weeks of cookies saved my life by Deanna Martinez-Bey


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Nat, a single mother of one, baker, and business owner. Life has been crazy but worth every second of craziness. Let me try to explain.

It has been me and my beautiful daughter, Summer, for many years, which is why I chose the name, Two Girls And An Oven for my beloved bakery.

Business has been slow, and bills are piling up. My hope was that with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I would have a line of customers pounding down the doors.

Then, it happened. Cookies. Yes, cookies happened. You've got to be curious as to how twelve weeks of cookies saved my life, right? Prepare yourself for the story of a lifetime!

Tip: If you ever see a plate of cookies sitting outside your door, take them and run!


My Review:

A sweet quick read.

I really enjoyed the novella.  I liked watching Nat take her bakery to the next level with the addition of secret recipes that mysteriously appeared, along with a plate of cookies, in her bakery each week.  Even though Nat’s bakery was busier than ever, she still managed to fall in love again. 

This is an all-around feel-good story.  I could easily picture Nat working in her bakery sounding with her friends and yummy treats.  Even though this is a novella, there is a lot of story packed into the pages.  I didn’t feel it was rushed or anything left out.  Don't forget to check out the cookie recipes in the back of the book.  


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