Thursday, September 16, 2021

Review: Runaway to the Outback (Welcome to Bunya Junction, #2) by Nicole Flockton



Running away never felt so good…

When overworked supermodel Pandora Sebastian flees a taxing photoshoot and takes refuge in Bunya Junction’s only pub—all while dressed as a bride—the locals are unexpectedly welcoming. Pandora may not be a runaway bride, but she does need a break from her high-powered career. Why not stay in this idyllic little country town and consider her options?

Jonas Carruthers thinks he’s seen it all—until Pandora bursts into his pub and his life. She’s everything he doesn’t expect her to be: kind, compassionate, hardworking, and interested in him. And despite wanting to help her, she’s also the only one who can own her mistakes, fix the PR mess she’s in, and rescue her career.

As much as she wants to stay hidden in Bunya Junction, Pandora needs to face the press and wear the consequences. Jonas has been great, but there's no way he'll step up to support her choices. Or will he?


My Review:

Finding love when you least expect it.

Jonas Carruthers was surprised the day he saw a bride walk into his bar in Bunya Junction.  But Pandora Sebastian wasn’t a bride.  She was a model who walked off the set of a photo shoot.  She just got tired of it all and needed a break.  Pandora would spend the next of couple weeks in the tiny town relaxing.  She never expected to fall for Jonas, Bunya Junction or the people who lived there.  Now Pandora is faced with the decision of the quiet country life or to go back to the hustle and bustle of the city and her hectic modeling life.    

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was excited to read this one.  It was just as good as I expected.  I liked seeing Pandora learn to relax and enjoy life and Jonas finally fall in love again, after his past girlfriends didn’t want anything to do with him once he moved to a tiny outback town.  Of course, catching up with the characters from the first book was a plus too.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Review: A Cowboy for June (Three Sisters Ranch #5) by Jamie K. Schmidt

Former rodeo star June Grayson has hit rock bottom, so she heads home to Last Stand, Texas, and lands a job at the Three Sisters Ranch until she gets back on her feet. Restless and searching for her new normal, June’s determined not to get hurt again, but a sexy cowboy both calls to her wild side and soothes her need to run.

To Esteban Lopez, the Three Sisters Ranch is more than a job. He’s worked hard to help the ranch thrive and in return it has helped him support his family. But when his brother is passed over for a job in favor of a rodeo hotshot—who is also a lifelong crush of his—Esteban struggles with mixed emotions. His attraction makes him feel like a traitor, but he’s never mixed work and play.

One unforgettable night, June and Esteban blur the boundaries, and they’re not sure how to redraw them. She’s only in town temporarily, but he can’t shake the feeling that when she leaves, she’ll take a chunk of his heart with her.


My Review:

An amazing cowboy/cowgirl romance.

June Grayson is back in Last Stand, but not because she wants to be.  June was a star on the rodeo, but she got kicked out.  Love wasn’t on June’s list of things to do; she needed a job and find out what happened the night she blacked out and wound up in rehab, which ultimately caused her dismissal from the WPRC.  When June first met Esteban Lopez, who works at Three Sisters Ranch, she thought she could just have a little fun with him while she decided what to do with her life and then move on.

Esteban had a crush on June for years and when he finally met her in person, he decided he wanted her in his life for good.  It would be a challenge to get June to part from her crazy ways and settle down with him.  It is also hard on Esteban because his family doesn’t like June, especially after she was offered a job one of Esteban’s brothers was promised.  So, now Esteban has to try and convince his family that June really is a good person underneath her wild and tough exterior.  

So far, this is my favorite of the Three Sisters Ranch books.  June was so much fun.  I love her wild and rebellious ways.  Esteban was such a hard working and sweet guy.  They were total opposites, but they worked well together in the end.  I also liked seeing how June discovers what’s really going on with the WPRC and why they did her wrong.   


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Review: She Gets What She Deserves (A Fearless Fairytale Book 2) by Denise N. Wheatley

Some fairytales come with a plot twist…

Devon Jacobs finally has everything she’s been working toward—a busy, exciting life in LA, a seat at the writer’s table on the television show Here To Stay, and a promising relationship with the sitcom’s lead actor, Ryan Roberts. But in Hollywood, all that glitters isn’t gold. News that her boss doesn’t approve of workplace romances has Devon lying to keep her relationship under wraps while also struggling to have her voice heard in a room full of more experienced writers. And when rumors fly that the show may be canceled, the mounting pressure leads Devon and Ryan to reluctantly take a break.

Amid all the uncertainty, a family emergency sends Devon home to Indiana where she unexpectedly reconnects with her old crush, Jason, who insists he’s a changed man. Devon faces a life-altering choice—fight for her dream that now seems further out of reach or move home to the safety of the familiar.

What is it that she really wants?


My Review:

Love and drama in Hollywood.

When the previous book, She Gets What She Wants, ended, Devon Jacobs was living her dream in Los Angeles and writing for a popular television sitcom. Her relationship with one of the actors on the show, Ryan Roberts, was growing stronger. In this book we learn about Devon’s struggles of working in the entertainment business, dating a celebrity and what happens as a result of Devon being called back home for a family emergency.  Let’s just say, pictures don’t always speak the truth. 

I enjoyed revisiting Devon and her friends in this book. The author has a way of pulling me into the story right from the start and keeping my focus the entire time.  I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book.  I would recommend reading this book series in order because each book is a continuation or the previous one.