Thursday, March 28, 2024

Review: Second Chance at the Crossing (With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing Book 9) by Fiona Marsden


They never dreamed of forever until their lives began falling apart.

Connor O’Brien knew he didn’t deserve happiness. He had cost his family too much. When he fell into a relationship with Daisy Litton, he gave as much as he dared. Every day she was with him was a win, and as long as they had the same vision of the future, he believed he could hold on to her.

And then it all changed.

Daisy Litton fell for Connor the first time they met. He was everything she didn’t deserve, everything she needed. So long as she didn’t need too much. Starting a family was the last thing on her mind.

Until everything changed and she knew she had to leave.

Five years later, Connor still feels responsible for all they lost, so if he can help make Daisy’s return to The Crossing easier, he will. When they recklessly revisit how good they are together, the consequences could ruin everything they are building. Or will it give them a reason to put their hearts on the line, this time forever?


My Review:

An emotional second chance romance.

This is a beautiful and emotional story about two former lovers who find themselves together again after five years apart.  Daisy has a secret that she didn’t want Conner, her ex, to know about.  But Daisy soon finds out, that secret didn’t stay hidden as she believed it did.  Conner still loves Daisy and he will do anything for her.  He just wants her to be happy.  But when they find themselves in another predicament, will Daisy run again, or will her and Conner face it like the adults they have become.  I really enjoyed seeing this reunion take place.  These two characters were meant to be together.  The story is well written with a great plot and secondary characters that really added to it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Review: A Surprise Second Chance by Anna J. Stewart

Could a secret…

Bring them together?

Lush rainforest, magical sunsets and a welcoming community—Nalani has everything botanist Daphne Mercer needs…except the only man she ever loved. Griffin Townsend broke her heart years ago. Now he’s in Hawai’i on vacation, a single dad with two kids. Daphne is charmed by Griff’s little family, and he longs for a second chance. But will she forgive him when she learns his true reason for seeking her out? 

My Review: 

A wonderful second chance romance.

Daphne and Griffin, former high school sweethearts, are reunited on the island of Hawaii, but the reunion is more than just a coincidence.  Griffin is there for a reason and Daphne might not be too happy when she finds out.  A well written plot, great characters and the exotic Hawaiian setting really made this book special. I enjoyed this book from start to finish.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Review: The Dating Contract (Last Girls Standing, #2) by Stacey Agdern

Sports Agent Leah Nachman is knee deep in her sister’s wedding drama and inches away from her biggest career goal when she runs into the high school boyfriend who broke her heart. The last thing she needs is another confrontation with the man too many people are convinced is her bashert. But perhaps he can be of use. After all, she’s totally over him. Right?

Sofer and Comic Letterer Samuel Levine is at a professional crossroads when he runs into what he believes is a fated second chance. He hasn’t seen Leah in ages, but the guilt over how they broke up still eats at him. When Leah proposes a fake ‘dating contract’ to help her make partner at her agency, and thwart her sister’s matchmaking, Samuel agrees. His goal is forgiveness, after all.

But the more time they spend together as ‘plus ones,’ the more like fate the dates feel. Leah is convinced love and ambition can’t co-exist and Samuel’s convinced he’s losing her. Will they let their dating contract expire or give love another chance?


My Review: 

Forgiveness and a sweet second chance.

Former high school couple, Leah and Samuel, get a second chance at love when they decide to fake dare in order to advance in their careers.  Spending time together reminds them of what they once had and how it might be possible to have it again.  But they have to learn to put the past behind them and move into the future with a clean slate.  I enjoyed seeing this sweet reunion.  The story was easy to follow.  I liked all of the Jewish faith woven into the story and I learned something about the world of lettering and sports agents.  It really gave a good feeling of who these characters are and what their lives are like.  I highly recommend this inspiring feel-good story.