Monday, December 20, 2021

Review: Texas Christmas Dare (The Rossis of Whiskey River #1) by Katherine Garbera

There’s no place like Whiskey River for the holidays…

Nico Rossi isn’t someone that people usually say no to—especially at Christmas time. Women have always been easy come, easy go for the branding expert, but he’s been off his game lately—especially when a beautiful small business owner turns his offer down. Coming home for his brother’s wedding offers him a chance to prove that he still has his legendary charm and business mojo.

Cressida Cormac avoids Christmas. Ten years ago, she lost everything during the holiday season and now copes by focusing on her business. But when Nico arrives at her door wearing a Santa hat and a sexy smile, daring her to give both him and Christmas a chance, she can’t say no.

As the Christmas season and Nico work their magic on her wounded heart, Cressida starts to wonder if this Texan can deliver lasting love or if it will all end in heartbreak?


My Review:

A business arrangement becomes much more.

What started out as a business proposal, turned into a December romance.  One that changed Cressida and Nico’s lives.  Nico helps Cressida leave her solitary life and fears behind and Nico learned what he wanted for his future.  But it wasn’t without some backsliding on Cressida’s part.  I was so happy Nico didn’t give up on Cressida and they were able to get their happy ending.

This book is the perfect start for The Rossis of Whiskey River series.



Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Review: Shine a Light (Orchard Hill #1) by Rebecca Crowley

When Ellie Bloom’s life literally goes up in flames after an apartment fire, she slinks back to her sister’s house in the St. Louis suburb she’s avoided since her mom died. Ellie quickly caves to her nephews’ pleas to direct the temple Hanukkah play—her mom’s pride and joy—and by the time she’s lighting the first candle in her menorah, she doubts she’ll ever escape her hometown. And then she spots the cute fireman who rescued her lighting his own menorah in the window next door.

Firefighter Jonah Spellman may have dropped out of seminary, but he still has deep roots in his Jewish faith. Hoping to mend fences with his Rabbi father who can’t forgive his career change, Jonah agrees to direct the Hanukkah play, never expecting to clash with his beautiful, fire-starting new next-door neighbor.

By day they spar—Ellie’s desperate to live up to her mom’s legacy while Jonah’s driven to impress his dad. But by night they return to their secret candle-lighting ritual. Will their love burn as brightly as the Hanukkah flames? 


My Review:

A sweet romance during Hanukkah.

I had a hard time putting this book down.  My heart went out to Ellie when nothing seemed to be going as planned and then she ended up setting her kitchen on fire.  When fire fighter Jonah walked in, I couldn’t wait to see how their romance would start.  I enjoyed the scenes with them working together on the Hanukkah play and I especially loved the scenes where they met at their windows every night to light their menorahs.  For a while, it looked like they wouldn’t end up together, but in the end, they fell in love and got to live their dreams together.    



Monday, November 15, 2021

Review: You Had Me at Chocolate (Marietta Chocolate Wars, #2) by Amy Andrews

This Christmas, a childhood promise comes calling…

Clementine Hardy always wanted to be a librarian in her Marietta hometown. But at thirty, she fears she’s become too predictable—so she quits, books a European vacation, and accepts a research job in New York. Then on her birthday, a hunky piece of her past arrives, drops to bended knee, and proposes in front of half the town.

Bad boy celebrity chef Jude Harlow is done with the bright lights and late nights. He sells his Manhattan restaurant and volunteers in Africa to clear his head. A year later, he’s a new man with a new goal: find the girl from summer camp—the most practical woman he knows—and collect on the pinky promise they made when they were twelve.

Clem won’t marry a guy she hasn’t seen in nearly two decades, no matter how attractive or how talented he is in and out of her kitchen. But why does he have to look more delicious than the chocolate creations he concocts for the Graff Hotel? More delicious than anything in New York? 


My Review:

A pinkie swear promise leads to happily ever after.

When Clem and Jude were twelve years old, they made a pinkie promise that they would marry at thirty, if they were both still single.  Now Jude is ready to settle down but it’s bad timing for Clem.  She is just about to start living her dreams.  Clem plans to start a job in New York and wants to travel.  At the last minute, Clem’s plans change, due to a family emergency, and Jude is there to help her through it and their friendship becomes more intimate.  But is it enough for a lasting love? 

This book took me through a wide range of emotions and it was hard to put down.  I was so glad to see how Clem and Jude finally found their happiness together.  There was also a fun chocolate display competition in the book which led to several late-night cravings.