Thursday, April 29, 2021

Review: Truly, Madly Texas (Texas True, #2) by Eve Gaddy


Can they turn one spectacular night into a lifetime of love?

After a disastrous ride forces world champion saddle bronc rider Chase Walker back to his family's ranch to recuperate, he’s happy to distract himself for a night with a mysterious, gorgeous woman. It should have just been a one-night stand, but she’s unforgettable.

Thanks to her cheating ex-fiancé, Ella Slade is done with rodeo cowboys...until she meets a sexy cowboy who catches a thief who stole her purse. What harm can one night of indulgence do? A lot, apparently, because when she arrives at her interview for a ranch manager job, Chase turns out to be her prospective boss. She’s adamant she won’t mix business with pleasure, but Chase suggests a deal—Ella takes the job, and they pretend that night never happened.

The longer they work together, the harder it is to pretend. Chase knows he’s falling for his midnight lover, but can he convince Ella to risk her heart again?
My Review:

Saddle Bronc World Championship, Chase Walker, was off the rodeo circuit while he recovers from a shoulder injury when he met Ella Slade and they had a one-night stand.  Little did Chase know Ella would soon turn up at Walker Ranch interviewing for the ranch manager position.  Chase couldn’t get Ella out of his mind and he sure didn’t expect to see her again, especially at his family’s ranch. Working together would definitely be a challenge.  And it really becomes a challenge when they can't keep their hands or each other.

Ella and Chase were meant to be together.  It just took some work for them to get on the same page.  For starters, Ella didn't want anything to do with rodeo cowboys after what she went through with her ex and it was obvious Chase loved the women too.  I enjoyed seeing how they worked through their differences and finally got the happiness they deserved.  This is the second book in the Texas True series.  I would recommend reading Texas Forged first to get to know the characters better.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Review: Meant to Be Immortal (Argeneau #32) by Lynsay Sands



In the newest Argeneau novel from author Lynsay Sands, an immortal barely escapes a raging fire only to kindle a sizzling passion with his potential life mate.

Mac Argeneau knows all too well: immortals can be killed. Not with holy water or silver crosses, but by decapitation or being set on fire. So when Mac’s house bursts into flames—with him inside—he’s sure it was no accident. But who would want to kill a scientist specializing in hematology? There is a silver lining: a blonde investigator appears on the scene and sparks feelings in him that have been dormant for centuries.

CJ Cummings is in town on a special investigation, but she’s been waylaid by the local police to deal with this arson case. The biggest mystery is how this sexy scientist with silvery blue eyes has emerged from a blazing inferno without a burn mark on him. He’s clearly hiding something. Sure, she’d love to see him without his lab coat, but she’s got a job to do—despite his insistence that he needs a bodyguard and...he wants her.

But when a second attempt on their lives puts CJ in harm’s way, it’s Mac who will do anything to safeguard the woman who’s destined to be his life mate.


My Review:

An entertaining immortal love story.

I always enjoy revisiting the world of the Argeneau family.  This story is about Mac Argeneau, a hematologist for Argentis Inc.  After centuries, he finally meets his life mate, CJ Cummings, an investigator with SIU, who responded to the scene after his house was burnt down.  This book has everything you need for a fun afternoon escape.  As with the rest of the books in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone.


Thank you to Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review: Anchored Hearts by Priscilla Oliveras

Award-winning photographer Alejandro Miranda hasn't been home to Key West in years--not since he left to explore broader horizons with his papi's warning echoing in his ears. He wouldn't be heading there now if it wasn't for an injury requiring months of recuperation. The drama of a prodigal son returning to his familia is bad enough, but coming home to the island paradise also means coming face to face with the girl he left behind--the one who was supposed to be by his side all along...

Anamaría Navarro was shattered when Alejandro took off without her. Traveling the world was their plan, not just his. But after her father's heart attack, there was no way she could leave--not even for the man she loved. Now ensconced in the family trade as a firefighter and paramedic, with a side hustle as a personal trainer, Anamaría is dismayed that just the sight of Alejandro is enough to rekindle the flame she's worked years to put out. And as motherly meddling pushes them together, the heat of their attraction only climbs higher. Can they learn to trust again, before the Key West sun sets on their chance at happiness?


My Review:

A fun reunion story.

I was excited to get my hands on this book as I loved Island Affair, the first book in this series.  This story is about Anamaria Navarro, a firefighter/personal trainer, who let her first love, Alejandro Miranda, leave to live his dream of being a photographer.  He traveled the world and became famous for his work.  An injury has brought Alejandro back home and Anamaria has been asked to help him with his recovery.  Being together again leads them to rekindle their relationship.  But, Anamaria knows Alejandro will leave the island when he is better, so she makes the best of their time together.  Will it be enough for Alejandro to change his mind and decide to remain close to home this time? 

I really enjoyed this book.  I liked seeing how Anamaria and Alejandro rekindled their relationship after all the years that passed.  I also like catching up with the characters from the first book.  I learned a lot about Cuban culture, as the characters are both from big Cuban families.  The author’s descriptions about Key West made me feel like I was right there.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves family drama, romance and a great tropical setting.  

Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.