Thursday, October 8, 2015

Montana Rogue (Big Sky Mavericks Book 7) by Debra Salonen Review


Roommates with benefits. A temporary arrangement between two people with time on their hands. Who could possibly get hurt?

“Get your Zip On” – That’s Tucker Montgomery‘s slogan for the new zip line he’s building near Marietta, Montana. But before Tucker can get the first pole in the ground, he suffers an injury that could cost him everything, until help arrives in a surprising–but gorgeous–package: Amanda Heller. They’ll share her grandmother’s guesthouse while he supervises the old Victorian’s restoration… all with the added benefit of exploring a sizzling mutual attraction.

Amanda Heller knows her exile to Montana is her family’s excuse to spare them the embarrassing fallout from her very public break-up with her ex-boss’s son that left her jobless and living in her parent’s Manhattan home. But then Amanda strikes a bargain with injured, sexy businessman Tucker Montgomery, who needs a place to stay while recovering. A hot summer fling seems just the thing for Amanda and Tucker, something to enjoy for a month or two tops. Most certainly not long enough to fall in love….

My Review:

It was the fling that shouldn't have happened.  Tucker Montgomery and Amanda Heller were total opposites.  He is a semi-retired male stripper and she is a socialite who works in advertising.

Amanda's parents sent her to Montana to oversee the repairs and remodeling her grandmother's house.  Little did Amanda know, the real plan was to fix up the house to sell and send her grandmother into a nursing home. 

While Tucker is recovering from an injury, he is working on his dream of opening a zip line when Amanda offers him the use of the cottage at her grandmother’s house.  All he has to do is be available to take care of anything that comes up during the renovation.   Tucker had no idea he would fall for a city girl who reminded him so much of his mother who abandoned him when he was a baby.  Tucker gets to see the real Amanda while they are staying together in the guest house.  That’s when he fell in love with her.  But in the end, Amanda has reasons why she has to go back to New York City. 

Will Tucker ever see Amanda again? 

This is a really good story with a great plot and characters.  I think I fell a little bit in love with Tucker as I read the story.  The descriptions of the town of Marietta felt so real. Ona was a fun addition to the story.  I would love to see her in more books.  I am also curious about Tucker's mom Caro and Philip’s new relationship too.

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