Friday, March 13, 2015

What a Bachelor Needs (Bachelor Auction Book 4) by Kelly Hunter Review

A feel good romance that will leave you wanting more.

Single mom, Mardie Griffin wanted to be anywhere but at working the night of the bachelor auction, especially after she saw who bachelor number one was.  She did not want to be anywhere near the boy she had a crush on back in high school.  He is the same guy who helped her one tragic night after she was attacked in an alley and left injured.  She can’t even look at him without feeling a mix of emotion.

Jett Casey is an Olympic gold medalist and current alpine ski champion.  The prize for his highest bidder is a back-country skiing experience or a week of handyman services.  His winning bidder turned out to be Ella Grace Emerson. 

Little did Mardie know, Ella Grace planned on giving Jett’s handyman services to her to help fix up her house.  Jett works hard to make it a home that Mardie will be proud of and her daughter will be safe growing up in.  Mardie tries to keep her feelings inside even as Jett continuously flirts with her.  How long will she be able to say no before she gives in and takes what she has wanted all of these years? 

This is a really sweet story that went by fast and kept me interested the entire time. 

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