Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bachelor at Her Bidding (Bachelor Auction Book 2) by Kate Hardy Review

A very sweet story of two people who didn’t plan on falling in love. Neither of them had time for a relationship. Both have been hurt badly from their last relationships.

It was all planned out. Rachel Cassidy’s friends have wanted her to start dating for a while now. The bachelor auction was just the right time. They put their money together and bid on one of the bachelors. He was Ryan Henderson, a Parisian-trained chef who worked at Grey’s Saloon.

After Rachel’s failed marriage, she moved back home to Marietta to be near her family. She is now a family physician and focusing on her patients with very little time for a social life, other than getting together every once in a while with her friends.

Ryan moved back home to help take care of his elderly grandmother. He spends his time taking care of her when he isn’t working.

When Rachel’s friends win him in the auction, he just plans on cooking her a nice birthday dinner at her home. Things heat up quickly and not just in the kitchen.

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