Friday, March 20, 2015

In Bed with the Bachelor (Bachelor Auction Book 5) by Megan Crane Review

A wild roller coaster ride of a story.

It was the night of Maietta’s charity bachelor auction and Michaela Townsend’s family pooled their money together to buy Jesse Grey for Michaela as a bridal shower gift.  She’s not sure how to handle this strange situation they have put her in.  He was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on in person.  She shouldn’t be feeling this way when she is engaged to be married. 

The date was supposed to be a night out on the town in Seattle.  But, Michaela’s aunts figure she can use Jesse to help point her fiance Terrence in a better direction after a weird hotel situation ten months ago.  

It was during the drive from Mareitta to Seattle that everything changed.  Caught in a blizzard and forced to stay in a hotel room together.  Michaela starts seeing Jesse in a new light and questioning her relationship with Terrence. 

Will Michaela be able to stay faithful to her fiancé or will she let Jesse’s words change her mind about everything?  Can Jesse stick to his rule of never touching another man’s woman? 

I enjoyed this book a lot.  The characters and their backgrounds were written very well.