Wednesday, March 11, 2015

His Defiant Desert Queen by Jane Porter Review


 I didn’t want this book to end. This is a story that captures you from the start and stays strong all the way to the very last words.

When Jemma Copeland is caught breaking Saidia’s laws, she is to face one of two punishments. One would be seven years imprisonment. The other is to marry Sheikh Mikael. She has no choice in which one it will be. Marriage is chosen as her punishment. Jemma refuses to accept it and claims she will never love him. If she can make it through the first eight days, Mikael says he will let her go back to London if she still wishes to do so. But once the honeymoon starts, Jemma is quickly second guessing how she originally felt. She is falling in love.

Beautiful descriptions of the scenery, great characters and plot make this a must read for any romance fan.

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