Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bound to the Bachelor (Bachelor Auction Book 1) by Sarah Mayberry Review

The beginning of the bachelor auction series starts off with the steamy story of two friends who become lovers.

Lily Taylor asks her friend’s brother, Beau Bennett, to be in the auction. Beau is reluctant at first, but gives in when he hears it is to help Josh Dekker. Josh is young boy who suffered a spinal injury after a fall at an old mine.

Lily is in full swing preparing for the auction when she comes across the mail from a lawyer letting her know she has just inherited $10,000 from her step-father. Not wanting anything to do with money from that man, she decided to donate it it to Molly. But she knows Molly won’t accept that kind of money from Lily. So, she decides to bid on Beau in the auction.

Beau’s date is to the Big Sky Ski Resort for a day of skiing. Little did they know this trip would bring them from just casual friends to wanting much more.

Their story was really good and the sex scenes off the chart. But the other story was of Lily’s step-brother coming to town looking for her. Those scenes were very intense and I kept turning the pages worrying what will happen next. All around, it was a really good story

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