Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Until You by Jeannie Moon Review

It was supposed to be a simple bet: get the pretty lady to spend the night with him and collect the money from his team mates.  As a professional hockey player, David Burke never had any trouble picking up women.  Why was this one different? 

Kate Nicholls was in California for a convention.  She was also celebrating her 40th birthday.  She didn’t expect to meet a man in a bar and end up spending the night with him.  That wasn’t who she was.  Kate is a popular author and a teacher who lived a conservative life.  She is recently divorced and raising her daughter. 

Meeting David was too good to be true and when Kate finds out he lives close to her, she gets really excited about seeing him again.  But she is afraid to have a relationship after her last one turned out so bad.  Then, there is the age difference.  She never expected someone so much younger than she was to be serious about her.  When he finds out, he stops calling her.  Kate soon gets news that she definitely was not planning on.  She needs to tell David.  How will he react?  Will this drive them further apart or bring them closer? 

I loved this book.  I loved everything about it, the story and the characters were perfect.  It had the happy and sad moments that make it a great book to me.     

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