Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bachelor's Baby (Bachelor Auction Book 3) by Dani Collins Review

What would one night hurt? Meg Canon could have a little fun while she was back in town to pack her belongings from her old bedroom. The bachelor auction was for a good cause. The men were hot and the planned dates sounded fun. She had her eyes set on Linc Brady when she first got into town and ended up skidding off the road. He was there to pull her out.

Linc was new in town. How the heck did he get roped into being one of the town’s bachelors up for bid? Sure it was to help out a little boy. But this was definitely not his style. He considers himself a confirmed bachelor. He supposes he could handle the high class news reporter who bid on him for one night.

When the date ends up with them in bed something very unexpected happens. Meg ends up pregnant. How will Linc take the news?

This was a fun and quick book. The topic of an unexpected pregnancy is nothing new to romance books. But the story is written well and makes it worth reading.

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