Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Review: Wrong Number by Laura Brown

A stranger’s NSFW text wasn’t part of her plan…

Avery Bloom has her entire life mapped out...until a stranger mistakenly texts her a dick GIF that changes everything. When insomnia has her wide awake before starting a new job, his text is a welcome distraction. Soon Avery's dirty texting a stranger, and reveling in the freedom of being someone other than her usually-reserved self—someone who doesn’t have a hearing loss and isn’t trying to fulfill a dream that isn’t hers.

Jake Ruben never intended for that particular image to end up in a stranger’s messages, but he’s not complaining. His textmate is sexy and fun and—unlike anyone in his real life—knows nothing of the burns that limit his mobility. The new pastry chef at his mother’s Jewish bakery does, and she’s as tempting as her cupcakes. Soon he’s texting less and seeing Avery more.

But when Jake learns Avery is his texting pal, the revelation shocks them both. Will they have a chance for love without a screen to hide behind?


My Review:

A fun romance that starts with an “oops” text.

What a fun story!  It all started when Jake texts a dirty gif, to what was supposed to be one of his friends, and it goes to the wrong number.  Avery is new in town and the text is welcome entertainment during her sleepless nights.  Jake and Avery’s texting is the beginning of their friendship.  But what Avery didn’t realize was the texter is actually her new boss’s son. I enjoyed seeing how they took their friendship to the next level.  This book was filled with lots of fun banter and memorable moments.

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