Sunday, August 22, 2021

Review: Dowdle Folk Art Jigsaw Puzzles


    Just a small part of my Dowdle collection


A pandemic hobby turned obsession.

My husband and I started doing jigsaw puzzles to pass time when the pandemic started and we continue doing them every weekend.  I post pictures on Facebook showing the puzzles we have done each weekend.  I get a lot of questions from people asking which puzzles are our favorite.  Hands down, Dowdle puzzles are our favorite.  Of course, we love Eric Dowdle's beautiful art, but another great feature of these puzzles is, no missing pieces.  They even state that on their websites and we found it to be true.  And, we have done a lot of their puzzles.  We also like that they take the time to package them in a nice box along with a ziplock baggie to store the puzzle in after it's been completed.  There is a poster inside the box and the Cityscape puzzles have pinpoints of points of interest to teach you about each city.  

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Just some fun pics from my photo shoot, because cats and puzzles........


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