Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Review: Dirt Devil Power Max Rewind Pet


Experience the next level in heavy duty pet cleaning. The Rewind Pet provides you with No Loss of Suction* and a Heavy Duty Pet Brushroll so you can take on the toughest mess on any floor. It is equipped with an Instant Removable Wand that provides instantaneous suction, while providing extra reach. Wrap-up your cleaning with the One Touch Cord Rewind that retracts with the touch of a button. Cleaning just got that easy! 
  • One Touch Cord Rewind for automatic storage of 25 ft. cord
  • Powerful No Loss of Suction* easily cuts through any mess
  • Endura™ Performance System utilizes three layers of advanced filtration to trap even your biggest messes and extend the life of your product
  • 12 FT Cleaning Reach cleans high, low and everywhere in-between


My Review:

I have three cats and my rugs are always covered with cat hair.  I usually vacuum once or twice a week, depending on how bad the girls are shedding.  Summers are the worse.  So, I was excited to try this vacuum.  

When the Dirt Devil Power Max Rewind Pet vacuum arrived, it was mostly assembled.  There were only a couple of things that needed to be put together.  The instructions in my box were for a different vacuum, but it was easy enough to figure out how to assemble it by looking at the picture on the box.  I was also able to figure out how to use the attachments without instructions.  This vacuum is much lighter and easier to work with than the old Dirt Devil I had years ago.  When vacuuming rugs, I found the little bristles on the side of the bottom came in handy to loosen up fur that was really imbedded in the rugs.  It vacuumed really good on my wood floors too.  I liked the small brush attachment for vacuuming my couch.  The extended pole feature was great for reaching high areas.  Comparing this vacuum to my other one (I don’t know if I can mention the brand, but it’s the expensive one with the ball), the suction worked just as well.  I actually like the attachments better in the Power Max Rewind Pet as well.  The retractable cord is a very nice feature.  There is also a dial where you can adjust the height of the unit to clean any flooring type.  Overall, this is a really good vacuum for the money.  

There are a couple of design features I would suggest implementing for future products; the attachments should snap in place with a clip or something else to keep them secure.  When I vacuumed the couch, the end piece came off a couple of times.  Another feature I would love to see is a clip to hold the cord up high, so the customer doesn’t have to continuously hold it to keep from vacuuming over it.  


Look at how much cat hair it picked up.  This is just after two days of not vacuuming.

I received this product courtesy of BzzAgent and Dirt Devil in exchange for an honest review.



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