Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Review: Cake A Love Story (Cake #1) by J. Bengtsson



I’ve met the perfect guy. Handsome, talented, and sarcastic as hell, Jake McKallister is everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a man.

There’s just one problem: Jake is everyone’s dream man.

But he sees me—an everyday college girl—and introduces me to a whole new world of music and tour buses and adoring fans. The more I fall for him, the more I realize that Jake might not be all he pretends to be.

I’ve finally found a man worth fighting for…but will he let me win?


Casey thinks she knows. She doesn’t know. No one knows—but me.
And I’m not talking. Ever.


My Review:

An amazing rock star romance.

This book has been out a while and I recently picked it up when it was free.  I can’t believe I just got around to reading it.  It is an amazing story.  Jake is a famous rock star with a tragic past.  Casey is an accounting student in college.  They meet at Jake’s brother’s wedding and hit it off.  Casey is the opposite of what Jake usually sees in a woman, but together they work.  They are good for each other.  Even when things get bad, Casey stays by Jake’s side through it all.

I really liked this author’s way of telling a story.  I was pulled into the book from the very start.  I can’t wait to read more of her books. 

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