Thursday, March 25, 2021

Review: One Purrfect Summer (Purrfect Pairs, #2) by Robyn Neeley

All’s fair in love and coffee wars.

Madison Porter loves Honey Springs, but her days are one big rinse-wash-repeat routine of working for the mayor’s office and caring for the town’s matchmaking cat, Belle. She once bid on the town’s ice cream shop with hopes of running it herself, but the sweet deal seemingly wasn’t meant to be.

Patrick Manning moves to the tiny town of Honey Springs to start over. After outbidding his competition for a building space, he now owns The Bean & Brew—and refuses to name his coffee shop with a bee-inspired moniker as per town tradition.

Madison soon uncovers paperwork proving she actually won the bid and is the rightful owner of the shop, but no way will Patrick forfeit his claim and rebuild his life again when he’s worked so hard. So when the town magistrate suggests a competition to see which business should prevail, they’re both all in. The winner earns the space, but soon their hearts are at stake.


My Review:

A sweet romance featuring a matchmaking cat.

Three years ago, Madison Porter was excited about buying the Honey Cone ice cream shop when she was outbid by an out-of-towner.  Ever since then, Madison has avoided Patrick Manning and his coffee shop, The Bean & Brew.  When Madison discovers she actually won the bid, it comes down to a little competition to see who will take ownership of the building.  But anything can happen in Honey Springs, especially when Belle, the matchmaking cat, decides Patrick is Madison’s purrfect match.

This book was so much fun to read.  I enjoyed the previous book in the series, so I was glad to get this one in my hands.  The author made the story a lot of fun with the competition between Madison and Patrick along with them co-chairing the Hometown HoneyBee Festival.  The quirky characters and storyline really made the story come to life.  This book is perfect for anyone looking for a sweet lighthearted story with a small-town feel and cute cats. 


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