Friday, March 12, 2021

Review: Autumn's Wish: She asked. She believed. She received. by Deanna Martinez-Bey

 Newspaper writer, Autumn, wishes on a star, seeking help to discover herself and live a life she considers worth living.

For ten years, Autumn has been writing for the same newspaper, living in the same apartment, going through the same routines, day after day.

One cold November morning, she decides that she has had enough and that change is long overdue.

New beginnings and self-transformation, with a touch of steamy romance, will have you wanting more of Autumn's Wish. 


My Review:

A wish come true.

When Autumn wished upon a star, she never expected her wish to come true.  She was about to overhaul her life and find a new man who would treat her better than her creepy ex, Joe.  Autumn met Jaron through her mother and they hit it off from the start.  It was the beginning of her happily ever after.

This was a sweet, quick read.  It was written almost like journal entries, so it felt real.  I felt like I was reading someone’s private thoughts.  The story was told through viewpoints of Autumn, Jaron and Autumn’s best friend, Janine.  I was so happy to see Autumn find love after all she went through with Joe. 

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