Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Review: My Kind of Cowboy (Blackstone Ranch #3) by Pam Crooks


He’s barely given her a passing glance…

Shandi Flanagan has lived in Paxton Springs, Texas, her whole life. When the bar and grill she’s been working at since high school comes up for sale, she vows to find the money to buy it. But when her house goes up in flames, so do her entrepreneurial dreams. The only good thing to come of it? Being rescued by the hottest cowboy around, Jace Paxton.

Jace has his hands full finding a way to grow his family's vacation resort and tracking down the rustlers who stole his new herd of calves. At least being able to save Shandi, the town's favorite sweetheart, goes right. She needs a place to stay, and there's plenty of room on the Blackstone Ranch.

But he needs the bar and grill as much as she does. And while he's a formidable competitor...she's not. How can he take away her dream and future? How could she love him if he did?


My Review:

An intriguing, friends to lovers story.

This book had a little bit of everything that I was looking for in it; romance, cowboys, family, small towns and a little bit of a mystery.

Shandi Flanigan worked hard for everything she had.  She even continued to pay off her father’s debt after he passed away.  So, when Shandi found out the owner of the Greasy Bull, the restaurant she worked at, was going to sell, she made it her goal to buy it.  But there was competition she didn’t expect, one of them was Jace Paxton, the man Shandi has crushed on nearly all of her life.  He wanted to buy the building and tear it down and build offices for his family’s new resort.  This made Shandi want to work even harder for it.  When a tragedy sidelines Shandi and Jace is there to pick up the pieces, it brings them closer together.   But Shandi still doesn’t trust Jace and ends up pushing him away again.  Now it’s up to Jace to prove to Shandi that he is a good person and will do anything to make her happy.

I have enjoyed every book in this series and it seems each one is better then the last.  If you like small town cowboy romances, this is definitely the book for you.    

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