Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Review: True Gold by Michelle Pace

Growing up in True, Alaska, the only truth I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass. She was also my everything, and still haunts my every waking moment.

I don’t have a single memory that doesn’t include Lie, and I can still taste her, even though Alaska’s no longer big enough for the both of us. After our savage breakup, I fled, chasing my dream and becoming a decorated Green Beret. Ten years later, one bad jump propelled me straight from Special Forces back home, guiding rich idiots into the wilderness, where I struggle to keep them from getting themselves killed. It’s not the life I planned, but at least I’m not behind a desk somewhere.

Then one night, my cell rings, shattering my peaceful existence.

“Connor,” I’d recognize her voice anywhere, and it’s like I’m sixteen again, crazy in love and cocky as hell after finding all those gold bars everyone's been searching for since before we were even born.

I want to tell her to go to hell and throw my phone in the river, but it seems Delilah’s visceral grip on me is permanent.

“It’s mom. She’s missing. I need your help…."

My Review:

This book had nail-biting intensity.  I didn’t know who to trust. 

It all started with the hijacking of a plane carrying ten pallets of gold bars for Aurora Corporation and the gold getting dropped in various locations throughout the Alaskan wilderness. 

Many years ago, Delilah and Conner were teenagers and in love.  They gained fame when they discovered the ninth drop location.  There are still people with gold fever looking for the last of the treasure.  Now, Delilah’s mother, Luann, has gone missing.  Not knowing if she is dead or alive, Delilah and Conner are on a mission to find LuAnn before it’s too late.  Delilah and Conner find themselves in some serious jeopardy and the threat for their lives also brings them closer together again.    

I sat on the edge of my seat reading this book.  I had a hard time putting it down or finding a place to stop reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense part, but I also kept hoping Delilah and Conner would find a way to get back together.  They split on bad terms and through a lot of the book, they don’t get along very well, but they knew they needed each other to complete their mission.  In the story, LuAnn said not to trust anyone.  That statement was very true.  I had no idea who was good or bad in this book until the very end.  I definitely recommend this exciting book.      

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