Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review: Resort to Love (Paradise Key Book 3) by Priscilla Oliveras

Sometimes, going back to the beginning is the only answer.

Paradise Key Resort holds the best and the worst of Sofía Vargas’s adolescent memories of love and heartbreak. Now, she hopes to wipe the slate clean and boost her career from resort manager to owner by winning a quirky town contest. But when an old flame throws his hat into the ring, Sofía realizes that protecting her heart will be the biggest challenge.

Nathan Patrick Hamilton III has played the part of the good son all his life with one exception—indulging in a secret on again-off again relationship with Sofia in high school and college, knowing that family duty would eventually tear them apart.

Years later, Nathan feels like he finally has a chance to win back the girl of his dreams and right the way he wronged her. But Sofía doesn’t trust or forgive easily and it’s going to take more than kooky town hall meetings, an emergency trip back to Key West, stolen kisses and a re-creation of their first date, for him to even be in the running. Is the ultimate prize the resort or winning back Sofía's heart?

My Review:

A new beginning for two people who more than deserve it.

Former lovers, Sofía Vargas and Nate Hamilton, are brought together once again on Paradise Key where they are both interested in buying the old Paradise Key Resort, where they first met and fell in love.  Each has their own reason wanting to buy the Resort.  For Sofia, it’s the nostalgia of it.  Paradise Key resort holds some of her best memories and she would love to bring the resort back to life again.  She has been running a B&B in Key West and is ready to own her own hotel.  Nate wants to prove to his father that he is dedicated to the family business.  Buying the resort will be the proof his father needs.  Nate and Sofia are surprised to find out they are competing bidders on the property.  Will this be the end of their friendship or the start of something new?

When Sofia is needed back in Key West for an emergency, Nate goes with her.  They put aside their differences and rediscover the passion they once had.  This changes everything. But, when they head back to Paradise Key, their relationship will face the biggest test of all time when they find out who wins the resort. 

I have never read any of this author’s books before and look forward to reading more.  I liked Sofia’s determination to get what she wanted.  Nate seemed a little wimpy at first always doing as his father told him, even getting engaged to someone he didn’t love because it was expected of him.  But in the end, I liked how he stood up to him.  The writing really brought the story to life.  I could easily picture the scenes.  The characters were fun and likable.  All around, this was a fun book to read. 

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