Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Review: Love at the Beach Shop (Paradise Key Book 2) by Kyra Jacobs

The last thing Jenna Davis wants right now is more drama. Still reeling from the untimely loss of one of her four closest friends, she intends to bury herself in work and forget the hurt. But when her other friends announce they're planning an extended stay on the island, Jenna needs to come up with a plan–and fast–to cover up the little white lie she's been telling them.

Zach Taylor is dealing with a mess of his own. A sinkhole in front of his shop is keeping customers away and putting his livelihood in jeopardy. So when his best friend’s older sister—the one he’s been secretly crushing on since the day they met—offers to loan Zach some shop space if he’ll do her favor, he’s all ears. The request? Pretend to be her boyfriend until her friends head back home.

The stage is set, the charade about to begin. Can these two long time friends keep things purely platonic while they fool the others? Or will Zach and Jenna stop fooling themselves and finally let love in?

My Review:

A fun lighthearted romance.

Jenna Davis has found herself in a predicament.  She told her friends she had a boyfriend and now they want to meet him.  So, Jenna asks her brother’s best friend, Zach Taylor, to be her stand-in boyfriend until her friends leave Paradise Key.  Since Zach is currently not able to do business at his shop or live in his apartment because of a sink hole and sewer line break, Jenna offers him her guest room and use of part of her store in return for him pretending to be her boyfriend.  Zach has had a crush on Jenna for a long time so it won’t be hard for him to play the part.  But once he starts, he decides to use the situation to try to convince Jenna that they should be together. 

I enjoyed everything about this book.  A friends to lovers story is always fun, but add in a lie that brings the couple together, and that makes it even more fun.  I liked the author’s writing style and all of the characters in the book; Jenna’s best friends and family and even Zach’s mischievous kitten named Flipper.  I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the Paradise Keys series and learning more about Jenna’s friends.    

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