Sunday, October 9, 2016

His Jingle Bell Princess Barbara Dunlop - Review


Accidentally abandoned and stranded by a raging blizzard in the picturesque town of Tucker, Maine, Crown Princess Jasmine Arcules finds herself alone and unguarded for the first time in her life.

Meanwhile, widower Sam Cutler is dreading the Christmas season. Struggling to be a good father to his nine-year-old twin daughters, he's wracked with guilt and battling painful memories. The last thing he needs is a beautiful stranger invading his world.

Jasmine keeps her royal identity secret, so Sam treats her the way no man in her native country ever would – a country where speaking to Jasmine out of turn could result in jail time. But Jasmine has a knack for getting past Sam's defenses, comforting his daughters, arousing his suppressed emotions, and forcing him to remember he's a man...

Both Sam and Jasmine need each other, but can they trust in Christmas magic to bring their hearts together?

My Review: 

Sam Cutler has only loved one woman in life and he still grieves for her.  Princess Jasmine Arcelus has never even been kissed.

While her flight crew assumed Jasmine was asleep, they left the airport before the blizzard hit Tucker, Maine.  But Jasmine wasn't sleeping on the plane.  She had gone for a walk in the woods by herself. When she returned to the airport, she was surprised to find out her plane left without her.

Sam hasn't been interested in anything since he lost his wife in a car accident two years ago.  He doesn’t care about Christmas or work.  He hasn't spent time with his friends and he hasn't even moved back home yet.  He is still living at his mother-in-law's house with his twin daughters.

When Belle meets Jasmine at the airport and finds out she has been left behind, she brings her home to stay until her plane can come back for her.  Sam starts becoming attracted to Jasmine.  He hasn’t felt this way about a woman in a very long time.  Jasmine discovers feelings towards Sam that she has never experienced before.  But she knows nothing came happen.  She has certain standards she is expected to live up to and falling in love with just anyone isn't in the plans.  Will Jasmine and Sam give into the feelings they have for each other, or will Jasmine be forced to forget about Sam when the time comes for her to return to Vollan?

This is a heartwarming and a very clean romance novella that can be read in one sitting.  Sam’s rediscovering love and Jasmine finding love for the first time was fun to read about.  Sam’s little girls stole the scenes in some parts and made it more realistic.  I just wish the story would have been a bit longer as it seemed to wrap up too fast for me. 

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