Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Christmas Angels: A Novella by Viola Shipman


From Viola Shipman, the beloved author of The Charm Bracelet, Christmas Angels is a delightful love story. Kate, a single woman in her 30s, works as a designer/decorator for a large interior landscaping company bedecking and bedazzling St. Louis for the holidays. Her work keeps her from spending the holidays with her family and masks the loneliness and pain after a nasty breakup just before Christmas.

Known as "The Christmas Angel" for providing holiday beauty to the city's offices, homes, and malls, Kate's world changes when she decorates the home of a widowed single dad. Both soon realize that life (and love) must go on somehow and that perhaps Christmas (and guardian) angels are all around, if we only choose to see them.

Rich with the spirit of Christmas and all its traditions, Christmas Angels is a love story that will remind readers of the meaning and magic of Christmas.

My Review:

Angels are all around us, whether it’s a topper on a Christmas tree, a song on the radio, or an angel shaped cloud.  You just have to believe and you will find them.

Kate Roseberry was known as the queen of holiday perfection because of her successful decorating company.  She could make anyplace sparkle for Christmas.  But Kate was sad this Christmas.  She had broken up with her boyfriend and wasn't in the holiday spirit.  She just went through the motions because it was expected of her.  She didn't even believe in angels anymore.  But it seemed angels were popping up everywhere she looked.

Single dad Chad Cooper lost his fiancĂ© last year right before Christmas.  Everyone who knew him was worried about him, so his company hired Kate to go decorate Chad's house as a surprise for him and his son.  They hope it will cheer them up and out them in the holiday spirit.  But the one thing that really surprised Chad was the angel pin that Kate was wearing.  It turns out it had special meaning to him.

This is a sweet inspirational novella.  It's hard to believe that so much detail could be written into such a short story and leave a lasting impression.  I just wish it had been bit longer as I was really getting into the story.  I would have loved to have known what the future held for Kate and Chad.  The story gave me a lot to think about and was a great reminder that there really are angels all around us.  Maybe this was the reminder that I needed too. 

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