Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Royal Christmas Princess by Scarlet Wilson - Review


After a tough year losing her mom and bills mounting, Holly Yates is in for a lonely Christmas. But when she hears a news report that the small principality of Coronia is looking for their lost princess, she recognizes her baby photo on the news and is astounded. Felix – the could-be Prince – is delighted to find her and whips her off to a snow-covered Coronia to meet her real-life ailing father where he persuades her to fall in love with the people and the place.

Holly is so shell shocked by everything that she agrees - as long as they keep her identity secret until she makes up her mind. But can a shy girl from Baltimore really become a fairy tale princess?

My Review: 

Prince Albert of Coronia is dying.  His last wish was to find his long lost daughter so she can take the throne after he passes.

Broke and in debt after taking care of her sick parents, Holly Yates’ life is about to change drastically.   When she hears of the search for a missing princess and the clues all point to her, she must find out the truth.  Holly leaves Baltimore and heads for the small European country of Coronia with Felix De Luca, the man who would become prince if the princess is not found.  Felix is thrilled to have found the princess.  He is looking forward to Holly becoming the princess so he can return to New York where he can live a normal life out of the royal spotlight.

Holly discovers her love for Coronia and its people, while she tries to figure out her next step.  Should be become princess or should she return to America and her old life?  While Holly is making her decision, she has to deal with the evil reporter, Cassie Carmen, who is jealous of Holly and has her own plans to get ahead in life.  She doesn’t care who she tramples on her way to the top.  Holly and Felix also start to have feelings towards each other which will make Holly's decision on more difficult.

This magical story was a lot of fun to read.  It was easy to visualize from the descriptions and dialogue.  I could relate Holly's thoughts and emotions as I also found out about my biological father and met him when I was 25 too.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for good heartfelt holiday story. 
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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