Thursday, September 1, 2016

His Montana Rescue (Montana Lakeside series Book 3) by Vella Munn - Review


Former firefighter Echo Rose may have recovered from the injuries that nearly ended her life but the emotional scars still linger. She now devotes herself to protecting wildlife and sheltering her heart until local contractor Rey Bowen reminds Echo that life can offer so much more.

Rey Bowen is not the only one at Lake Serene with secrets and a desire to reboot his seriously derailed life. Meeting Echo reminds him that life can sparkle with joy and laughter and passion, but can he show the cautious Echo how to love again even as he struggles to trust his heart?

The Montana Lakeside series
Book 1: Romancing the Montana Bride
Book 2: Redeeming her Montana Love
Book 3: His Montana Rescue
Book 4: Saved by the Montana Hero
Book 5: Coming soon

My Review: 

A wonderful addition to the Montana Lakeside series. 

Echo Rose and Rey Bowen didn't like each other when they first met.  She is just doing her job trying to keep the risk of fires down and wants to protect the wildlife in the area.  He has a job to do and didn’t need a nosey ranger sticking her nose in his business.  As the contractor in charge of the renovation at the resort at Lake Serene, he just needs to get the job done on time.  

Soon, Echo and Rey start seeing eye to eye and become friends.  They both felt the need to protect their hearts and didn't plan to have a relationship, but when their new friendship becomes more, neither of them expected how serious it would become.  Will they be able to come to an agreement where they can do their jobs without any conflict?

The descriptions in this book felt real and it made me want to pick up and head the Montana mountains.  This novella was set at a good pace and kept me interested to the end.  The characters were well defined and their stories were told well.   

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