Saturday, September 17, 2016

Marrying His Best Friend (The McKinnon Brothers Book 3) by Jennifer Gracen - Review


Single mom Maura Callahan never anticipated that at age 29 she’d be living with her mom in the suburbs, raising her young daughter, Chloe, and working a job that pays the bills but not much else. Her daughter is worth the struggle– and she still has her best friend Aidan, who makes her laugh, keeps her on her toes, and provides the oh-so-toned shoulder to cry on when necessary.

Aidan McKinnon, exec at a high profile social media company in the heart of Dublin, has longed to change his bestie status with Maura for years, but it seems Maura’s relegated him permanently to the friend zone. Still, she and Chloe are his world. But when Chloe’s father shows up out of the blue and demands shared custody when he’s never once met the little girl, Aidan sees a way to finally have what he secretly wants most while ensuring Maura and Chloe’s safety… and the diamond ring is just the beginning.

Will Aidan’s fiercely protective, knight in shining armor proposal of convenience end up starting the love of a lifetime?

The McKinnon Brother series
Book 1: All I Want for Christmas
Book 2: The Doctor's Love
Book 3: Marrying His Best Friend

My Review: 

In this friends to lovers story, Maura is a single mother living with her mother and doing her best to give her young daughter Chloe the life she deserves.  She never told Chloe who her father is because he was abusive while she was pregnant and she fears what he might do if they ever met. 

When Maura’s ex shows up after five years and wants a relationship with his daughter, Maura’s best friend Aiden comes up with a plan where they can marry and Chloe will be protected once she is adopted by him.  Aiden has always loved Maura, but he kept his feelings to himself. 

When Maura’s ex starts stalking her and Chloe and she keeps it a secret from Aiden, it could threaten the relationship that Maura and Aiden have.  Aiden takes things in his own hands at this point and it worries Maura.  How will their friendship and newly found romance survive?

This book was well written and you couldn’t help but feel sad for what Maura was going through.  All of the changes at one time would be more than I could handle.  But Maura is a strong woman and takes care of herself and her family.  Aiden has his job cut out for him trying to get Maura to trust him and I enjoyed seeing how he earned Maura’s trust.  I enjoyed this book a lot.  The characters felt real and so did the issues they faced.  The story moved along quickly with no down spots. 

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