Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Island in the Sea: A Majorca Love Story by Anita Hughes - Review


Juliet Lyman is a senior executive at Yesterday Records. Music is her passion and she's very good at her job. That's why her famously philanthropic boss Gideon sends her to Majorca, Spain to work with a very tortured, but talented client. Lionel Harding is one of the best song writers of the 20th century, the multi-Grammy award-winning lyricist of the third most recorded song in history. But now he's 42 and six months overdue on the his latest paid assignment. Juliet is not leaving Majorca without either new lyrics or a very large check.

To Juliet, business comes first. Emotions are secondary, and love isn't even on the menu. But to Lionel, love is everything, and he blames Gideon for his broken heart. He's determined to show Juliet that nothing is more important than love, but Juliet is just as determined to get Lionel to create the music that made him famous. If she can sign up local talent, even better. Her new friend Gabriella has a voice like an angel, but she's not interested in fame. Her grandmother, Lydia, wants the world for Gabriella, and she wants Juliet's help to give it to her.

As her professional and personal lives start to mix for the first time, Juliet is forced to reevaluate her priorities. Gideon hasn't been totally honest, and love may be the only thing that gives them all what they need.

My Review:

A beautifully written story about record executive Juliet Lyman who is sent to Majorca to meet with Lionel Harding to convince him to write the songs he was supposed to have finished months ago or give back the money that he was advanced.  Juliet's job is on the line if she can't get Lionel to comply. 

Lionel is a stubborn man who drinks and smokes too much, but him and Juliet form a close friendship during their time together.  Lionel has his reasons for why he is the way he is and Juliet is about to find out.

Juliet makes several friends while on Majorca and spends her free time with them.  Gabriella works at her family restaurant and has dreams of marrying her boyfriend and opening their own restaurant.  Lydia, Gabrielle's grandmother, gives Juliet some advice that she really needs to hear.  She also meets Henry, a tennis player, who she gets very serious with.  When Juliet realizes she is in love, but it isn't with Henry, she stops seeing him and gathers the courage to confront her true love.  Will Juliet finally find happiness and love or will it all come to an end when she returns to Los Angeles? 

This is the perfect escape in a book.  It had everything that I love in a story, great writing, an exotic setting, realistic characters and a story that you never want to end.