Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bachelor for Hire (Bachelor Auction Returns Book 1) by Charlene Sands - Review


She needed him to guard her body, in more ways than one…

Ex-Army sergeant and security expert, Cody Matthews recently walked away from his company to work The Lucky B Ranch just outside of Marietta, Montana. The ranch is his refuge, but his hiding out is short-lived when he’s recruited into the Marietta Bachelor Auction and his high school ex-crush bids a small fortune to spend one weekend with him.

Hollywood starlet, Hayley Dawn O'Malley has had decent, honest, sexy Code Matthews on the brain ever since she left Marietta after high school to pursue her dreams. But now she’s back in town and someone is threatening her. Cody, a natural-born protector, is the only man she trusts to keep her safe.

Spending their weekend date in a remote cabin, Cody plays the role of reluctant bodyguard, yet Hayley isn’t going to let the tormented man deny his feelings for her, no matter the threat to her body or her heart.

The Bachelor Auction Returns
Book 1: Bachelor for Hire by Charlene Sands
Book 2: Falling for Her Bachelor by Robin Bielman
Book 3: Seducing the Bachelor by Sinclair Jayne
Book 4: Weekend with Her Bachelor by Jeannie Moon

My Review: 

Security Expert Code Maxwell once loved Hayley Dawn O’Malley.  But she broke his heart when she moved to Hollywood to become an actress.  Hayley is has returned to Marietta for some downtime between movies.  Code doesn’t want anything to do with Hayley.  He doesn’t need any female complications right now and he sure doesn’t need to fall for Hayley again. 

Hayley needs Code’s help.  It appears a stalker has followed her.  She is scared and she wants to hire Code to protect her.  But her former good friend Code has turned her away. 

Hayley has another opportunity to get Code’s help, but it’s playing dirty.  Code has offered a weekend date in the Bachelor Auction and Hayley wins him by outbidding everyone with her $10,000 offer.  Code is a good sport.  After all, the money is for a good cause.  When things get out of hand and Code sees how scared Hayley is after a couple more encounters from her stalker, he takes her to his uncle’s cabin where no one can find her.  She will be safe there.  But it will be a struggle for Code to resist Hayley’s charm spending time together in a small cabin.    

I enjoyed this quick read.  Code and Hayley’s reunion was a sweet afternoon escape and a great kickoff to the Bachelor Auction series. 

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