Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: The Valentine Gamble (Whiskey River Series Book 6) by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy


Johnny Gamble isn’t afraid of anything. Except Fiona Lannigan’s effect on him. It’s not just that she sees through his love ‘em and leave ‘em ways, she’s also his partner in Whiskey River’s most prestigious law firm. He believes she deserves better than him until they “matched” at the annual Valentine’s Day dance and the night turns into one of the most romantic of his life. Convincing him that he’s found a woman he doesn’t want to leave.

Fiona is all for a good time with Johnny. There have been sparks between them from the beginning, but more than one night between the sheets isn’t in the cards. Or so she thinks, until Johnny turns on the romance.

Can Johnny convince Fiona that this is one Valentine’s Gamble worth taking?

Whiskey River series
Book 1: Where There's a Will
Book 2: One Night with the Cowboy
Book 3: One Night with the Tycoon
Book 4: One Night with the Bad Boy
Book 5: One Night with the Playboy
Book 6: The Valentine Gamble

My Review: 

A love worth the gamble.

Kissing Johnny Gamble under the mistletoe at Christmas was something Fiona Lannigan couldn't get out of her mind.  Now Valentine's Day was here and Fiona's fantasies were getting out of control.  They were co-workers and she knew they needed to stay professional.

Trusting a man romantically wasn’t something Fiona did easily.  Would Johnny be different from her ex-fiancé?  Could he be trusted with her heart? 

As fate would have it, Fiona and Johnny got set up as a couple for The Whiskey River Valentine’s Day Dance.  Afterwards, they decided to take it one step further.  Johnny had already reserved a hotel room and Fiona was willing to give him one night and then they would decide where they go from there.  They had an amazing time, but then Fiona left abruptly and Johnny didn't know what to make of it.  Will Johnny be able to convince Fiona that he is worth taking a chance on love?  Can they be together romantically and still be business partners?

This was a fun book to read. Fiona and Johnny had great chemistry together and I couldn't wait for the, to be together.  The authors did a wonderful job with their story.

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