Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Feature: Then Comes Winter by Various Authors

If you long for a toasty snuggle on a cold winter's night, this compilation of original short stories inspired by the magic of the holiday season-and more than a nod to Jane Austen-is fancied as a sublime wintertime treat. On the heels of the summer anthology, Sun-kissed: Effusions of Summer, and in concert with some of Meryton Press's most popular authors, this romantic anthology introduces several promising writers. With a robust mix of contemporary and Regency musings, Then Comes Winter rekindles passionate fires with equal wonder, wit, and admiration. Stories by: Lory Lilian, Linda Gonschior, Suzan Lauder, Beau North & Brooke West, Sophia Rose, Natalie Richards, Anngela Schroeder, Melanie Stanford, Denise Stout, Erin Lopez, and Maureen Lee.
Christmas Miracle on Oyster Bay by Denise Stout was the first story I read in the book and found it very enjoyable.

Christmas had a way of tricking oneself into believing things:  Christmas magic, Christmas miracles.  But Christmas love?

Lissa Robicheaux inherited the Victorian home she was raised in and opened a bookstore in it.  But lately it has been tough making ends meet.  When law professor Simon MacGregor comes in one day and asks if Lissa would cater a holiday event for him, she agrees to do it.  She could use the extra money. 

The next thing they know, Lissa and Simon find themselves set up by their friends at their Thanksgiving dinner.  It seems everyone wants them together, but Lissa isn't so sure it’s a good idea.  How far will Simon go to convince Lissa to give their relationship a chance?

I really enjoyed this story.  It's hard to fit a lot of details in a short story, but the author did an excellent job with it.  I look forward to reading more from her in the future.


  1. First review - so lovely and very exciting !

  2. Glad you liked it. Lots of promising authors in this collection. Thank you!

  3. Can't wait to read Denise's story. Ahhhh, I love when stories are set at Thanksgiving.

    1. You'll enjoy it. Thanksgiving is just one small part though.