Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Relationship Riddle by Susan Paulson Clark Review


Not your typical love story ...

Vince, a football coach who foster-parents a five-year-old boy, dodges romantic commitment like a shifty running back. Belle, who runs her own business, has sworn off chasing men like Vince. A strong attraction comes into play -- but with all their objections and temptations, will the spark ignite into a flame? When Vince and his foster son find themselves in harm’s way, Vince and Belle’s involvement takes a surprising new direction.

My Review: 

New relationships can be a struggle at first.  Rarely does one work out exactly as you plan. 

In this well plotted book, Belle is falling for her best friend’s ex-boyfriend Vince.  If she continues to see Vince, how will it affect her friendship with Marian? 

The relationship is not the only thing in this book.  We also learn about Belle’s struggle with alcoholism and her worthless ex-husband.  Vince has recently adopted a little boy and is learning to be a father and helping Tye learn to trust again after being taken away from his mother. 

This story also has some great secondary characters and their stories will keep you hanging on to find out what happens to them as well. 

I enjoyed this book a lot and highly recommend it. 



  1. Replies
    1. It had a little bit of everything in it to keep you interested.

    2. The author is also from my area, so I could picture the places mentioned in my head. Like when she mentioned getting stuck in traffic on 635, I was like oh yea, I've been there before.

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