Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Review: The Way Home (Heart of Colton #2) by Eliana West


A letter from the past will transform their future…

Taylor Colton always loved the crumbling plantation house passed down through his family for generations. Now he’s bringing his popular renovation reality show to the small town of Colton, Mississippi, so he can bring the plantation house known as Halcyon back to life for the cameras.

After an ugly breakup, Josephine Martin needs a new start to heal her broken heart in peace. A hidden letter reveals a family secret that leads her to Colton to protect her family’s history and honor a promise made before the Civil War…and to a house she didn’t know was hers.

Suddenly, Josephine must decide if she’s ready for the challenge of restoring a run-down mansion and its history, and Taylor’s facing a challenge he can’t charm away. Together, they must untangle a tragic history, a rocky relationship, and risk everything they love. Can they overcome the past to find their way home?


My Review:

An amazing romance with a side of history.

Halcyon, a historic plantation home in Colton, Mississippi, has set untouched for years.  Now, there are two ownership claims on it.  Taylor Colton, who remembers it from his childhood, when his grandparents lived there, wants it to feature on his home renovation tv show.  Josephine "Jo" Martin wants it for herself.  Jo is the descendant of a slave who once lived there.  When a judge awards the house to both Jo and Taylor, things really heat up.  Jo and Taylor were destined to meet and a secret force in the house won’t give up until they are together.

I was quickly drawn into this story.  I liked the chemistry between Jo and Taylor and enjoyed the seeing them fall in love even though they had a rough start.  I also liked the history that went along with Halcyon and the little discoveries they found along the way.  The writer has a way of telling a tale that I quickly got swept up in. 


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