Friday, May 14, 2021

Review: Island Charm by Audrey Wick


An imposter in paradise

When Anna Worthington's twin sister gets jilted by her fiancé, Anna steps in with a plan for a girls' Key West getaway instead of a honeymoon trip. Yet when her twin has her own crisis of commitment and doesn't board the plane, Anna finds herself on a romantic getaway that she's forced to navigate alone.

A vacation romance with an expiration date

Gunnar Lockhart, whose specialty is island tourism, is the perfect match for helping Anna complete her vacation bucket list, but time together forges a connection more personal than either anticipate. As they make island memories, Anna has to untangle her mixed emotions. Are her feelings toward Gunnar real? Or like her sister's wedding day, has this connection been doomed from the start?


My Review:

From vacation romance to happily ever after

On a trip to Key West, that was supposed to be her sister Brie's honeymoon, Anna Worthington makes the best of the trip alone.  Brie had a bucket list of things she wanted to do so Anna is doing them for her.  Meeting a guy was not part of the plan.  But Anna find herself spending a lot of time with Gunnar Lockhart.

Gunnar moved to Key West after falling in love with the island.  He spends his days working an information booth and helping his friend Jack, who has dementia.  Gunnar never thought he would fall for a tourist, but he did and he will do anything for Anna.  But when an unexpected incident happens and Anna is left alone waiting for Gunnar, she feels stood up. Will it be the end of their new relationship? 

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the chemistry between Anna and Gunnar. I also liked how caring and patient Gunnar was with Jack, even when he would get himself in trouble. The way the story was written, it felt so real.  The descriptions of the island seemed to come to life through the author's words.


  1. Janine, I am so glad you enjoyed this one! Thank you for the kind comments about the main characters, and I am glad their personalities shone through the pages. Yes, this is a novel that I hope can bring lots of summertime smiles to other readers, so I appreciate you sharing this.

    1. You're very welcome! I'm sure it will bring lots of smiles to your readers.